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From project and quality management to employee and client portals, we customize SharePoint consulting & implementation services for every aspect of your organization.

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SharePoint Development

Our SharePoint developers can create and configure SharePoint websites to meet your organization’s goals. We’ll find the right SharePoint implementation services to enhance business activity across the board with a fully customized website for your company, and your company alone.

SharePoint Document Management

Keep all your organization’s documents in sync and categorized in the SharePoint server. From draft to review to publish, you’re able to control the life cycle of all documents and develop a document management system that best suits your specific business type. From optimizing document search to custom SharePoint solutions for contract management, our document management solutions guide your organization through planning, implementation, and ongoing support.

SharePoint Database

Never misplace important files again. With SharePoint’s database, you can keep all your content in one location. Gain access to structured and secure storage for thousands of documents. Elevate your file directory to an efficient document management system.

SharePoint Project Management

Also a powerful project management tool, SharePoint allows your team to centralize all project information to better control your workflow. Gone are the days of outdated or duplicate files, manual reports, and disorganized lists. We offer SharePoint Project Management solutions that systematize your organization’s entire project lifecycle.

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SharePoint Integration & Implementation

While the entire Microsoft 365 suite integrates with your SharePoint intranet, there are many other valuable apps that also integrate. From Salesforce to SAP, many of your organization’s apps can connect with SharePoint directly, making your website as robust as possible.

SharePoint Security

Even when not in transit, all SharePoint files are encrypted, adding an extra layer of security. Admins can choose which team members are allowed file sharing access, create multi-factor authentication rules, and more when it comes to security and compliance.

SharePoint Intranet

A flexible collaboration solution, SharePoint’s intranet includes rich communication, content, project, and employee management features for mid-size and large organizations. Connect employees from different departments and nurture corporate culture all on one platform.

SharePoint Extranet

With the ability to create SharePoint extranets, your team can invite external partners to access and collaborate on the content you choose. It’s a simple way to securely do business outside of your organization.


Work with one of our SharePoint consultants to integrate Sharepoint into your processes to create your own custom SharePoint environment, specific to your needs. We’re more than a consulting company- we offer end-to-end services—from planning to implementation and ongoing support—in order to build your custom SharePoint infrastructure. Let a SharePoint consultant show you how!


Banking / Financial Services


Project Management Office (PMO) needed to design and implement a SharePoint Project Governance portal to serve as a project information repository as well as a platform for project governance-related workflows and forms.


    • Project Governance Portal
    • Documented and repeatable project governance workflow
    • Dashboards and reports


    • Increased visibility and oversight for PMO team for all projects
      • Simplified file sharing with document management solutions
      • Supported effective employee communication 
      • Improved collaboration and meet your business goals
    • Less hand-holding required by the PMO team for each project
      • SharePoint training gave their staff the skills they needed to succeed
      • Comprehensive SharePoint support provided to answer questions quickly
      • Custom software development created effective collaboration for their team

SharePoint Flow

Connect all your SharePoint lists and libraries to a wide array of other compatible apps in a matter of minutes. Quickly copy new leads and contacts to your email, social media, and other marketing platforms for seamless communication. Automate workflows to manage approvals, tasks, and more.

SharePoint CMS

Your business needs an all-inclusive content management system for documents, digital media, records, and web content. With SharePoint CMS, you’ve got it. Centrally manage all your diverse content, use optimized media libraries, secure important business records, and publish content quickly to your website. Our team of SharePoint experts can help you every step of the way.

SharePoint Knowledge Management

Keep your company information in one place, accessible across your distributed team, to allow your entire organization to collaborate faster and more efficiently. Apply communities of practice and automate your workflow systems to ensure the growth of both your company and its team members. We offer Knowledge Management solutions that elevate your organization’s document management to powerful engine of automated tasks and customized collaboration.

SharePoint Governance Plan

Your business needs a governance plan in place early on to help you stay compliant with your business processes and regulations. In SharePoint, you can easily create this set of policies, roles, and responsibilities to control how your business divisions work together.



Consumer Products


An automation process to replace paper-based process for approving Pump Sheets at five processing plants.


    • A documented and repeatable approval workflow
      • SharePoint automations facilitated more efficient management of projects and execution of tasks


    • Standardized process across all 5 plants
      • Sharepoint consultants and developers worked with each location to assess needs and plan for integration
      • Guided SharePoint implementation and custom solutions improved success of migration to the platform
      • Leveraged Microsoft Office 365 to improve collaboration between offices & locations
    • Improved ability to surface approval history and information for frequent audits
      • Custom applications helped manage projects and reduce processing times
      • SharePoint training and best practices created reliable approval and audit systems

SharePoint Application Development

Start your organization’s development with the helpful features, tools, technologies, models, and capabilities that SharePoint provides. The versatile development platform allows your team to build client-side components, add-ins, and effective solutions that address a wide range of needs.

SharePoint Reporting Tools

Create a report, scorecard, or dashboard through SharePoint’s Business Intelligence Center. Connect to a wide variety of data sources and then create a variety of charts and tables, add filters, introduce interactive details, and more.

SharePoint Managed Services

With such an immense platform, checks and balances are a must. That’s why there’s consistent monitoring of SharePoint Services, technical issues, and feature improvements to help maintain seamless operating with high performance.

SharePoint LMS

Implementing a SharePoint LMS (Learning Management System) optimizes your organization’s Employee Onboarding, Employee Development, Compliance Training, and Software Adoption. Through a customized system of authoring tools, personalized programs, curricula, certifications, test material, and administrative tools, your organization can elevate its schedule, document, progress track, and report on all of your educational efforts. We offer SharePoint LMS solutions that guide your organization through planning, proof of concept, deployment, and ongoing support.

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SharePoint On-Premise Consulting Services

We ensure that SharePoint is installed and configured in accordance with Microsoft’s best practices and industry standards.

Our SharePoint consulting services go through your entire SharePoint 2019 information architecture (IA) requirements in detail. It aids us in comprehending the company and functional demands shaping the IA design. Furthermore, it aids us in tracking services that can justify your needs, such as compliance consulting, strategy consulting, cloud migration, digital workplace, and more.

We design a consulting approach to create a scalable and highly functioning underlying system architecture that meets your SharePoint 2019 requirements. Our method guarantees that the underlying system architecture is in line with your business processes and conforms to corporate standards. In terms of metrics like:

  • Define the content (sizing) estimation for each department, business unit, and user in order to manage documents effectively.
  • Understand the planned number of SharePoint 2019 users at the initial go-live and any future growth plans, such as adding external users or increasing capacity, if any.
  • Examine your organization’s underlying data centers to verify that you have a clear understanding of the required SLAs and company disaster recovery and continuity plans.
  • Recognize the primary drivers behind the current phase, as well as the company’s immediate needs.

Why hire a Microsoft SharePoint consultant?

With decades of experience deploying all versions of Microsoft SharePoint both on-premises and online, Abel Solutions know the intricacies involved with building an effective Intranet or extranet for your company’s needs.

Leverage our expertise as we review your current infrastructure to find potential issues that may arise in future versions, and our expert SharePoint consultants will help you get on board quickly while saving time!

SharePoint Upgrades to keep your team up to date

Of course, from time to time, a new version of SharePoint is released and it is time to upgrade to take full advantage of all the new and exciting features the latest version has to offer. Innovative Architects can help you with that too! Our team is available online and on-premises to support your team post implementation.

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