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From project and quality management to employee and client portals, we customize SharePoint consulting & implementation services for every aspect of your organization.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your SharePoint Investment?

If your organization already utilizes SharePoint—no matter how minimally—look no further for the tool to streamline your daily business processes. The SharePoint platform offers powerful versatility and customizability, the foundation that every quality business solution requires. For all of our SharePoint Consultant services, we leverage Microsoft’s best-in-class tools to develop solutions that optimize document management and workflow automation for efficiency and ease.

Create your roadmap to modernization.

Use Microsoft SharePoint Services to improve your business workflows, build a digital workplace, manage your information architecture, and modernize your company.

SharePoint Consultant Makes Your Business More Efficient

The key to leveraging the SharePoint platform begins with properly setting up your organization’s document taxonomies and user access hierarchies. Then comes the ability to accelerate daily operations within and across departments via workflow and process automation. From internal collaboration to client engagement and support, SharePoint systematizes your efforts so that your staff can be freed up to do the high-level work that only humans can do.

Is it time to migrate to
Modern SharePoint?

While companies have utilized SharePoint for many years to store documents and facilitate collaboration amongst employees, the updated user experience available with a modern SharePoint site is more flexible and easier to use than “classic” SharePoint.

SharePoint Managed Services

With such an immense platform, checks and balances are a must. That’s why there’s consistent monitoring of SharePoint Services, technical issues, and feature improvements to help maintain seamless operating with high performance.

That’s why Abel Solutions not only provides project-based solutions but also ongoing SharePoint oversight and support.

SharePoint Database

Never misplace important files again. With SharePoint’s database, you can keep all your content in one location. Gain access to structured and secure storage for thousands of documents. Elevate your file directory to an efficient document management system.

SharePoint Application Development

Start your organization’s development with the helpful features, tools, technologies, models, and capabilities that SharePoint provides. The versatile development platform allows your team to build client-side components, add-ins, and effective solutions that address a wide range of needs.

SharePoint Integration & Implementation

While the entire Microsoft 365 suite integrates with your SharePoint intranet, there are many other valuable apps that also integrate. From Salesforce to SAP, many of your organization’s apps can connect with SharePoint directly, making your website as robust as possible.

SharePoint Security

Even when not in transit, all SharePoint files are encrypted, adding an extra layer of security. Admins can choose which team members are allowed file sharing access, create multi-factor authentication rules, and more when it comes to security and compliance.

SharePoint Governance Plan

Your business needs a governance plan in place early on to help you stay compliant with your business processes and regulations. In SharePoint, you can easily create this set of policies, roles, and responsibilities to control how your business divisions work together.




Project Management Office (PMO) needed to design and implement a Project Governance portal to serve as a project information repository as well as a platform for project governance-related workflows and forms.


  • Project Governance Portal
  • Documented and repeatable project governance workflow
  • Dashboards and reports


  • Increased visibility and oversight for PMO team for all projects
  • Less hand-holding required by the PMO team for each project

Why Hire a Microsoft SharePoint Consultant?

With decades of experience deploying all versions of Microsoft SharePoint both on-premises and online, Abel Solutions know the intricacies involved with building an effective Intranet or extranet for your company’s needs.

Leverage our expertise as we review your current infrastructure to find potential issues that may arise in future versions, and our expert SharePoint consultants will help you get on board quickly while saving time!

SharePoint Upgrades to keep your team up to date

Of course, from time to time, a new version of SharePoint is released and it is time to upgrade to take full advantage of all the new and exciting features the latest version has to offer. Innovative Architects can help you with that too! Our team is available online and on-premises to support your team post implementation.

Our SharePoint Consultant Services Methodology

While every organization presents a unique combination of SharePoint needs, we operate with a standardized process for evaluating, implementing, and reporting on your SharePoint solution.

Throughout the consultation process, we empower our clients to reap the many benefits of SharePoint and develop effective solutions with this customizable platform. 

Here’s an overview of how Abel Solutions will handle your SharePoint Consultant Services engagement from initial diagnostics all the way through post-implementation:

Assess Current SharePoint Environment & Usage

QMS Consulting Services
  • Discuss your company’s specific business goals and challenges
  • Inventory and evaluate your existing SharePoint and Microsoft 365 environment and usage
  • Assess your current collaboration platform(s), including Teams.

Discover Business Requirements & Establish SharePoint Roadmap

Signing Contract
  • Conduct current-state and future-state sessions with stakeholders
  • Identify known business challenges and requirements related to:
    • Communication (1-way and collaborative)
    • Document management taxonomies
    • Business process workflows
    • User access/security
    • Other functionalities
  • Summarize Assessment and Discovery findings and recommendations
  • Establish SharePoint and M365 Roadmap

SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Implementation & Rollout

Two CPU and papers
  • Design and implement SharePoint and Microsoft 365 functionality based upon roadmap
  • Perform iterative reviews with stakeholders to ensure alignment
  • Plan and deliver training and knowledge transfer to team members
  • Plan and execute solution rollout

Post-Implementation SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Support

hand pointing at a laptop screen
  • Monitor solution usage to ensure adoption
  • Support the functional and technical components of solutions via our team of SharePoint and M365 experts
  • Ensure the established Roadmap is in sync with business needs
  • Provide ongoing training and enablement as needed

Accelerate your business growth.

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with one of our SharePoint Consulants today.

We provide SharePoint Online Consulting Services for SharePoint Development, Customization, Migrations, and Intranet Portal Development services on Office 365.

We provide SharePoint consulting services for each stage and milestone of effective implementation, as well as to tackle your company challenges. We work with you from start to finish, including planning, design, implementation, configuration, customization, go-live support, and long-term SharePoint Managed Services administration.

  • Depending on your industry and organization, Abel Solutions SharePoint consulting services can help you design, deploy, manage, and scale a cloud-ready information architecture that meets the long-term demands of your company.
  • We also provide consulting and cloud migration services from non-SharePoint-based platforms into SharePoint 2019, covering the whole range of IT solutions (for example, File Shares, Dropbox, Lotus Notes, Documentum, LiveLink).
  • We can assist you in developing custom SharePoint 2019 apps that are compatible with Office 365 and SharePoint Online.
    SharePoint Consulting Services will assist you in implementing and developing Document Management and Content Management Solutions.

We ensure that SharePoint is installed and configured in accordance with Microsoft’s best practices and industry standards.

Our SharePoint consulting services go through your entire SharePoint 2019 information architecture (IA) requirements in detail. It aids us in comprehending the company and functional demands shaping the IA design. Furthermore, it aids us in tracking services that can justify your needs, such as compliance consulting, strategy consulting, cloud migration, digital workplace, and more.

We design a consulting approach to create a scalable and highly functioning underlying system architecture that meets your SharePoint 2019 requirements. Our method guarantees that the underlying system architecture is in line with your business processes and conforms to corporate standards. In terms of metrics like:

  • Define the content (sizing) estimation for each department, business unit, and user in order to manage documents effectively.
  • Understand the planned number of SharePoint 2019 users at the initial go-live and any future growth plans, such as adding external users or increasing capacity, if any.
  • Examine your organization’s underlying data centers to verify that you have a clear understanding of the required SLAs and company disaster recovery and continuity plans.
    • Recognize the primary drivers behind the current phase, as well as the company’s immediate needs.