QMS Consulting Services

Improving your operations through holistic Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Quality Management strategies.

You've Already Got the QMS Platform You Need.

If your organization already utilizes Microsoft 365 and/or SharePoint—look no further. The Microsoft platform offers powerful versatility and customizability, the foundation that every QMS solution requires. For all of our QMS consulting services, we leverage Microsoft 365 for its best-in-class tools to develop solutions that accelerate process efficiencies and standardize compliance measures and reporting.

We map out QMS strategies that accelerate efficiencies in the near-term and scale with your organization as it evolves.

Project-Specific & Comprehensive QMS Services

Whether your organization is searching for a project-specific QMS solution or a company-wide evaluation of its quality management systems, Abel Solutions focuses on six core components of quality management:

Speed up your documentation

  • Turn inefficient paper documentation into digital forms that can be filtered for more efficient searchability

Quickly access documents

  • Take assets that are scattered across multiple systems (like file sharing platforms and email) and unite them in one customizable database

Enjoy remote access at all times

  • Transfer file storage from individual physical locations to a collaborative cloud

Customize approval workflows

  • Configure workflows to institute an approval process for important documents

Templatize and store audit trails

  • Use detailed audit trails to keep a thorough overview of a document’s workflow status and to better handle process bottlenecks

Catalogue document histories

  • Access a complete timeline of reviews and approvals for a given file

Ensure compliance across all major standards

  • Maintain  ISO families (9001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018), SOX, HIPAA

Standardize user identification compliance 

  • Conforms to standards of CFR Title 21 Part 11, which requires that users can only access documents by using 2 distinct identification methods

Maintain single source compliance repository

  • Centralize your compliance information repository in M365, including its capabilities to manage documents, track versioning, view audit history, and enforce security using a familiar Microsoft user interface.

Leverage a comprehensive dashboard

  • Get a 360º view of documents awaiting approval, assigned tasks, user-specific documents, and much more

Immediately access customizable views

  • Customize views in order to sort documents by file types, departments, job titles, etc.

Create document-specific alerts

  • Automate alerts to concerned parties when changes are made to specific files or controlled documents need to be reviewed

Implement a comprehensive digital CAPA system

  • Design and implement a comprehensive digital CAPA system that detects issues, determines root case, proposes and implements preventive actions, and verifies effectiveness of actions

Integrate with existing digital quality processes

  • Seamlessly integrate your QMS with components of your quality management that are already digitized

Build an adaptable CAPA framework

  • Evolve your CAPA framework in real-time

Set user access levels and permissions

  • Restrict access to certain sites or libraries by granting or denying permission, and set the amount of power available to users by editing their permission levels

Maintain standard security compliance

  • Adhere to both international and industry compliance standards via M365’s native compliance measures.

Enforce secure user authentication

  • Authenticate administrative users through one of two systems: Active Directory on Windows Server 2016 or Azure Active Directory in the cloud

Our Microsoft 365 cloud-enabled solution

The foundational software for all of our quality management software consulting, QMS|share is a Microsoft 365 cloud-enabled solution that digitizes all aspects of your quality management.

Our QMS Consulting Methodology

While every organization presents a unique combination of QMS needs, we operate with a standardized process for evaluating, implementing, and reporting on your quality management solution:

Clarify Your QMS Governance

QMS Consulting Services
  • Codify ruling policies and procedures for solving for QMS
  • Define data structure
  • Establish required reading
  • Outline proper procedure/operations
  • Standardize process for changing procedure/operations

Improve QMS Process Management

QMS Consulting Services
  • Map out migration/unification plan for document management
  • Create quickly searchable/retrievable document database
  • Automate approval and document alert workflows
  • Create a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring document statuses and overall process efficiencies

Enhance QMS Security

QMS Consulting Services
  • Outline security compliance strategy
  • Create hierarchy of user access and permissions
  • Enforce the latest in user authentication standards
  • Build upon Microsoft’s world class security, data integrity, data privacy, and compliance foundation

Work smarter, not harder.

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