Nintex Support

Abel Solutions leverages the Nintex Platform for process intelligence and workflow automation within and across all of your organization’s departments, regardless of industry.

Nintex, the worldwide leader in process management and automation, enables IT, operations, and business executives to more efficiently manage simple to complex business processes. The Nintex platform empowers organizations to maintain control of their data, create notifications in real-time for business operations, and seamlessly execute complex workflows via Nintex Workflow Cloud. We have the quickest application development process and lowest total cost of ownership among our peers.

The Nintex platform offers vital cost-saving process intelligence and automation that's ready to scale with your business.

Nintex Support for Process Intelligence & Workflow Automation

With simple-to-use and powerful business process management and intelligent automation software, Nintex replaces paper processes and repetitive, manual work with clicks rather than code to help businesses go digital faster.

Abel Solutions can offer consulting, solutions, and ongoing support for solutions built on the Nintex platform and in conjunction with many other platforms, including Microsoft 365 and Salesforce.

Bring business operations to life

  • Map out and optimize your processes with simple navigation, personalized dashboards, and one-click process approval

Collaborate in real-time

  • Share team updates, receive real-time feedback, and leverage automated changelogs to boost process auditability

Approve process changes with one click

  • Assign process change permissions to users, add control points into any process, and create mandatory signoffs and escalations

Easily build documents

  • Leverage dynamic data by building document templates that incorporate customer information, product details, pricing information, and more

Get deals done faster

  • Automatically create documents like contracts and proposals, instantly submit documents for review, then send to customers for secure e-signature

Automate document delivery and storage

  • Automatically route documents for review and approval via built-in delivery options, then instantly share documents via email for e-signature

Quickest way to sign from anywhere

  • Prepare and send documents from any location and offer digital access to eSign documents online, via text, or in-person

eSign directly in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

  • Use connectors to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to manage any contract, order form, invoice, and more, without ever leaving the CRM

Customize experiences via powerful APIs

  • Integrate Nintex AssureSign® into existing business systems and processes while configuring your desired customer experience and company branding

Design quickly and intuitively

  • Quickly conceptualize, visualize, automate, and iterate your processes with a drag-and-drop designer canvas

Automatically generate, sign, and store documents

  • Automate and optimize your processes via workflow solutions that minimize opportunities for error, miscommunication, or wasted time

Collaborate easily across channels

  • Streamline business processes based on practical scenarios, send automated messages to your team, and collaborate on content in real-time

Easily design comprehensive forms

  • Design forms with Nintex’s intuitive form designer, including features like barcode scanners, multiple choice, geolocation tags, images, and attachments

Improve user experience with conditional logic

  • Build dynamic forms that respond based on user input via conditional logic, allowing end-users to see only the fields they need to fill out

Power your automated processes

  • Drag and drop a form-based action into the Nintex form designer to automatically assign tasks, collect e-signatures, and keep work moving forward

Get a 360º view of your business processes

  • Track and measure the status of workflows, billable and non-billable workflow count, engagement, and more via a customizable Analytics dashboard

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Easily add and manage data connections across your Nintex Platform environments and allow your team to monitor and improve workflow performance

Take immediate action on data insights

  • Examine the status and health of overall and individual workflow processes and instantly remedy inefficiencies within the Nintex Workflow designer.

Curious how Nintex Workflow Cloud can revolutionize your business processes?

Nintex Workflow Cloud is the future of process automation with Nintex. End-to-end automation, integrated process mapping, document generation, RPA, e-signature capabilities, and integration with various SaaS business systems are now all available in a standalone platform.

Our Nintex Support Methodology

Every department—from human resources to finance to operations, marketing, and customer support—runs more smoothly when processes are simplified, standardized, and efficient. Nintex makes it easy to automate those processes, allowing you to keep projects and procedures moving forward without the need for as much manual labor. And Nintex software interfaces with whichever system you use to manage content, so you can handle everything from a single operation in one department to massive company-wide processes.

At Abel Solutions, we utilize Nintex’s automation platform for many of our client’s customized IT solutions. And no matter what your automation needs are, we follow the same methodology—from ideation through buildout and deployment and ongoing support—for all of our clients.

Map Your Processes

  • Identify all relevant processes within each department and across departments
  • Identify each stakeholder (employee, customer, vendor, investor, etc) within a single process and at which point they interact with that process
  • Which technologies (or lack thereof) are currently leveraged and what flexibilities and integrations do they offer?

Strategize for Information Capture

  • Compare how you collected data on paper vs the data that you actually need
  • Devise a robust digital form that can be quickly completed by only showing necessary fields according to conditional logic
  • Determine field calculations and field validation measures to ensure missing or incorrectly entered data will be resolved prior to form completion

Ideate Your Process Automations

  • Consider how captured data be leveraged after it’s initially recorded
  • Identify the components of each process that can be optimized without the need for time-consuming manual steps
  • Determine how collaboration within and across departments can further optimize the process

Connect & Manage Data

  • Outline how existing and future data in records systems, digital forms, and mobile apps can be unified via automated processes
  • Develop a plan for digital migration of all existing paper-based data
  • Determine the scalability of your solution as your company advances new technology to drive digitalization

Report & Optimize

  • Strategize how to main unity of data across platforms and how process automation can support this effort
  • Outline all reporting needs within and across departments and which stakeholders need to receive automated reports
  • Create and audit reporting delivery automations

Work smarter, not harder.

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