Managed IT Services

Whether you need IT support for your internal team, or you need to completely outsource your IT services—we deploy best-in-class technology to build scalable IT solutions that are future-ready now.

Get proactive with Managed IT Services

Business today depends on reliable technology infrastructure and operability. Organizations of all sizes require enterprise-grade security, monitoring, and proactive support from their Managed IT services provider. Go beyond break-fix technical support to a single-source IT partner that offers 360º support service reinforced by robust cybersecurity—so you can focus on the things that matter for your business.

Managed IT services for On-Premises, Cloud, and Hybrid environments—solutions custom-fit to your operational needs and business growth.

IT Support, IT Management & IT Leadership

A robust, reliable, and secure technology infrastructure is key to the success of every business today, but there’s more to the IT puzzle than simply having those things. You must also plan for supporting, maintaining, and growing your technology foundation to keep pace with the growth of your business and the changing technology landscape.

Strong remote monitoring, network monitoring, and cybersecurity allow your business to prevent costly interruptions before they happen.

Our approach to Managed IT Services encompasses Onboarding, Support, Management, Stewardship, and Strategy to not only maintain what you have today but help your business forge a path to greater success through technology.

Whether it’s handling day-to-day aspects of supporting your technology environment through help desk services, implementing cutting-edge technologies, or helping you plan your technology future, our support services can help you remove technology roadblocks so you can focus on dominating your industry.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

End-To-End User Support

Performance & Capacity Monitoring

Unlimited Server & Network Support

Patching & Vulnerability Management

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Managed Endpoint Protection

Software Management & Deployment

Hardware Procurement

Monthly Service Reports

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud security is a fundamentally new landscape for many companies. While many of the security principles remain the same as on-premises, the implementation is often very different.

As a premier Managed Services Provider, we leverage deep partnerships with both long-term industry leaders and innovators at the forefront of new technology to offer a range of additional services to help your business meet the challenge of maximizing its technology investment.

Our best practices as a cloud security service provider include:

Identity & Access Control

Users work from many locations with multiple devices and apps. The only constant is a user’s identity, which makes it the new security control plane.

Security Posture Management

Ensure you have the tools you need to assess your current environments and assets and identify potential security risks.

Big Data Security

Protect data, apps, and infrastructure through a layered, defense-in-depth strategy across identity, data, hosts, and networks.

Advanced Threat Protection

Operational security posture—protect, detect, and respond—should be informed by unparalleled security intelligence to identify rapidly evolving threats early so you can respond quickly.

Network Security

As the landscape changes, your security solutions must meet the evolving threat landscape’s challenges and make it more difficult for attackers to exploit networks.

Our service offerings encompass a variety of cloud and on-premises environments, including

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Any hybrid cloud scenario, involving on-prem and/or multi-cloud
While most of our clients are heavily invested in Microsoft-based technologies, we are able to support any public or private cloud platforms.

Get future-ready now with
our Microsoft 365 solutions.

Via Microsoft 365—the foundational software for all of our business solutions—we deliver scalable automations and collaborative tools that uniquely fit your daily operations and growth strategy.

IT Infrastructure Services

In today’s fast-paced, cloud-based, digital world, your business performs only as well as your IT infrastructure. A smart, secure and nimble infrastructure not only helps you adapt quickly to change, it drives innovation and helps enable new business opportunities. Whether you’re upgrading outdated infrastructure or going full-cloud, we will help you design an IT infrastructure that’s right for your business, both today and in the future.

Our Managed IT Services Methodology

While every organization presents a unique combination of IT needs, we operate with a standardized process for evaluating, implementing, maintaining and reporting on your IT Services solutions.

Our service level agreements are predicated on a per-device Managed Services model, combining IT support with cybersecurity services that encompass 360º of your operations—from desktop to mobile devices, on-prem servers to cloud, and the infrastructure that connects every aspect of your digital operations.

Your Managed Service Provider shouldn’t just force your business into a one-size-fits-all IT strategy. That’s the quickest way to compromise business-critical data. Our IT consulting services can help you make big-picture IT decisions about devices and environment that are agile and ready to scale.

Here’s an overview of how Abel Solutions will handle your Managed IT Services engagement from initial diagnostics all the way through ongoing services:

Assess Your Current Environment

Data handheld cropped - Managed IT Services
  • Itemize all workstations and servers currently within environment
  • Map out current software integrations
  • Analyze current cybersecurity state
  • Identify any assets that will be migrated from on-prem to cloud or from one cloud to another

Customize & Map Out Your IT Services Strategy

cytonn photography GJao3ZTX9gU unsplash - Managed IT Services
  • Customize service level agreement for your operational and business growth needs
  • Map out migration/unification plans for on-prem and cloud environments
  • Outline protocols for user support and IT maintenance and evolution
  • Align on KPIs and reporting frequency

Roll Out Services & Reporting

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  • Create a hierarchy of user access and permissions
  • Enforce the latest in user authentication standards
  • Automate IT system monitoring, notifications, and reporting
  • Build upon Microsoft 365’s world class-security, data integrity, data privacy, and compliance foundation