Maintaining an accurate, compliant quality management solution does not need to be painful or complicated. Together with our technical expertise and our QMS|share solution, we can help companies gain enterprise-wide governance, process management, and security of internal compliance procedures.

Fully Functional Document Management Solution

Business Leaders are expected to promote organizational excellence and at the same time support corporate compliance, goals, and values. Achieving success while maintaining compliance is a mission-critical activity, yet it can be a distraction from business operations and therefore is often not given the attention needed.

Maintaining a successful organization is a delicate balancing act. Organizations compete with a limited pool of resources, time, and money to achieve their goals. We understand that the interconnected activities of eliminating business risk and creating business controls present an ongoing challenge, which is why we developed QMS|share. Abel Solutions recognizes business leaders’ challenges and leverages its extensive knowledge in Business Risk and Compliance Solutions to maintain this enterprise tooling platform.

Abel Solutions and its technology experts are the perfect business partners to build and customize an organization’s Quality Management Solution. Built on the three compliance pillars of Security, Process Management, and Governance, QMS|share is the foundation for achieving compliance objective while not impacting the bottom-line.

QMS|share aides in compliance achievement and sustainability:

  • Provides security guidance on managing audit programs that deliver protection from external and internal data leaks.
  • Automates processes to enable the collaboration of disparate areas within an organization and build a dynamic and flexible process management system.
  • Enforces the implemented strategy for handling enterprise risk management and compliance regulations, thus establishing a strong governance program.
  • Mitigates business risk and compliance shortfalls, creating a level of trust for customers as well as expanding competitive leadership within the industry.

In addition to the benefits, Abel’s QMS|Share delivers powerful functionality:

QMS|share is a modular solution specifically designed to allow organizations to select which components are the right fit for them. It is flexible and customizable, providing a solution that will grow and evolve with your company. This design approach was intentional.It enables organizations to access the precise functionality needed within various compliance components such as SOX, ISO, SAS, and many others.

Controlled Documents

Manage and collaborate on documents, while utilizing versioning control capabilities. This approach leverages several automated processes including document feedback, document approval, document review, and an archiving workflow.

Internal Audits

Track internal audits based on a pre-configured checklist for each audit used. Provides the ability to review results from the audits and trigger a list of nonconforming tasks that is published into the CAPA component where they can then be rectified and resolved.

Corrective Actions Prevention Action (CAPA)

Collects problems captured by the internal audit process. Empowers users with the ability to analyze the issue and determine an appropriate plan of action to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Required Reading

Ensures people in your organization have the tools to remain knowledgeable in their assigned areas. Enjoy confidence that your organization’s processes, strategies, and operations are compliant while reinforcing governance.


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