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As organizations transform their businesses by connecting the dots between customer feedback and competitive strategy, the demand for line-of-business applications grows. Revamp your sales, customer service, marketing, finance, and more with innovative technology solutions.

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Business Solutions

We’re referring to more than simply CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) when we talk about business software solutions. These purpose-driven line-of-business applications exist to accelerate the various significant workloads in your organization. For example, consider:

    • Sales: Optimize your sales systems and activities. Manage sales teams, gain insight into customer purchasing journeys, and scale up your efforts by attaining more visibility into opportunities and leads.
    • Customer & Field Service: Build and create stronger relationships with customers by seamlessly aggregating purposeful data from multiple sources.
    • Marketing: Boost your marketing and e-commerce efforts with automated correlation. Analyze and improve campaign success rates through direct linking to sales funnels.
    • Finance & Operations: Get rid of outdated legacy systems. Quickly and easily consolidate your global financials and operations with insightful integration.  
    • Talent: Attract the best-fit candidates, simplify the hiring process, and develop a stand-out recruiting journey from initial listing to the final offer. 
    • Business Intelligence: Get a leg up on industry trends and forecasts with unique insights and tailored data visualizations.

Effective project management at the enterprise level requires more than siloed, individual project efforts. Your business’ company-wide project management system should be trackable and bring visibility—providing KPIs on progress and efficiency in real-time.

A core function of any modern project management system is tracking—tasks, timelines, and budgets—in real-time. We’ll design a project management dashboard that uniquely aligns with both your long-term business goals and daily operations.

Your organization’s data is only as valuable as your analytics program. KPIs for special projects are helpful, but cross-project business intelligence (BI) is what separates your organization from the rest of the pack. We’ll guide you in:

  • Creating a BI roadmap
  • Establishing a BI governance team
  • Developing and executing your BI strategy
  • Implementing BI tools 

Take care of business with trust, integrity, and confidence. We partner with leading digital signature software providers to deliver solutions that make it easy for you to draft, negotiate, sign, and manage legally binding documents from anywhere, on any device. Take it one step further and implement automation before, during, or after a signature request goes out to track document completion progress with status visibility, incorporate advanced workflow integration triggers, and get your paperwork out of the way swiftly and securely.

Use cases include:

    • Recruiting: Offer Letter
    • Sales: Contract Agreement
    • Marketing: Press Release Approval
    • Financial: Loan Documents
    • Operations: Proposals and Agreements
    • Legal: Non-Disclosure Agreements



Food Manufacturing


Automated Contract Signing, Approval & Storage Process


SharePoint Online

Nintex Workflow and Forms for Office 365

Microsoft Power Automate

Adobe Sign


Business process analysis & documentation

Flexible & repeatable approval process

Electronic request forms

Automated approval & digital signature process

Contract storage solution

Approval history for audits

System Integration Services

Application integration makes everything easier. We’ll do all the heavy lifting required to bring your business processes, technologies, and data together in a way that meets your unique needs. We can seamlessly connect multiple independent systems to optimize your enterprise and work with you to create new, integrated solutions on-premises or in the cloud. 

Disparate data sources are a thing of the past with our database integration solutions. These aggregate all your data into a single, clean location across your entire company, allowing you to harness that data into actionable business intelligence. Database integration also allows your company to reap the benefits of reliable oversight, more specific security, and easier compliance.

Every modern business should enjoy seamless connectivity between its CRM software and the third-party applications that help drive its growth. Our CRM Integration solutions will prevent you from having to jump back and forth between systems and unify your sales and marketing funnels into a single dashboard, including:

  • Phone calls
  • Chatbots
  • Email
  • Lead management
  • Sales & marketing automation
  • Sales & marketing analytics
  • Workflows
  • Ecommerce

Mobile App Development

Well-developed apps can add considerable value to any business enterprise—they strengthen engagement, increase accessibility, improve productivity, and streamline communication. The problem? They typically take time to build, often months or even years. But by leveraging tools like Microsoft Power Apps and Nintex we can help you launch apps fast with strategic data integration, best-in-class security, efficient lifecycle management, and top-notch quality assurance capabilities built right in. We’ll also make sure your apps get the upgrades and improvements they need. before they need them.

The first step to developing an enterprise application is to undertake a thorough analysis of user needs, project risks, security, and scalability. We’ll guide your organization through every stage of app development for the following and more:

Internal enterprise software

  • HR department intranet
  • IT department intranet
  • Company-wide calendar management
  • General team member intranet

External enterprise software

  • Client portals
  • Investor portals
  • Partner portals



Commercial Services


Mobile app capable of working offline and gathering necessary data


Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft SQL Server

Reporting Services

Entity Framework


Mobile Inspection Application to enable offline capture of inspection data and photos

Web Application to allow administration and approval of inspection data

Internal and customer reports

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