Technology Strategy

In today’s competitive marketplace, an organization’s differentiation comes not only from the ability to see market shifts but through the ability to set themselves apart by carrying out the necessary strategic response as quickly as possible.

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Technology Consulting

The right technology can help organizations like yours empower employees, drive innovation, broaden engagement with customers, and protect data and internal systems from cyberthreats. One barrier to gaining those benefits is that many organizations struggle with old systems and manual processes that don’t support newer and more versatile, agile, and secure technology solutions.

Cloud Solutions

In recent years, cloud-based technology has completely revolutionized just about every industry. The convergence of cloud, data, and AI has fueled breakthrough innovations at an unprecedented rate. Organizations have the chance to fundamentally redefine the way they engage customers, transform products, optimize operations, and engage employees. Consider whether your current solution allows for:

  • Real-time collaboration on documents
  • The ability to work from anywhere on any device
  • Housing all files for projects in one accessible place
  • Scheduling online meetings at the click of a button
  • Simple device management
  • Always-on security

Now is the time to give your company a competitive advantage through tools built with scalability, security, and productivity in mind.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is a fundamentally new landscape for many companies. While many of the security principles remain the same as on-premises, the implementation is often very different. There are several best practices to keep in consideration for cloud security, including:

  • Identity & Access Control: These days, users work from many locations with multiple devices and apps. The only constant is a user’s identity, which makes it the new security control plane.
  • Security Posture Management: Ensure you have the tools you need to assess your current environments and assets and identify potential security risks.
  • Apps & Data Security: Protect data, apps, and infrastructure through a layered, defense-in-depth strategy across identity, data, hosts, and networks.
  • Threat Protection: Operational security posture—protect, detect, and respond—should be informed by unparalleled security intelligence to identify rapidly evolving threats early so you can respond quickly.
  • Network Security: As the landscape changes, your security solutions must meet the evolving threat landscape’s challenges and make it more difficult for attackers to exploit networks.

Cloud Strategy

For vendors still operating with legacy on-premises infrastructures, a modernization strategy represents several logistical challenges. Solving for such issues and fully incorporating the benefits the cloud offers takes both the right plan and the right partner.

A modernization strategy that harnesses data, the cloud, and AI, drives innovation and growth for organizations of all sizes and industries. Having digital transformation in mind is the first step toward envisioning how you can use cloud technology. The next step is to break it down into actionable steps within your enterprise. This modernization strategy should consider the following pillars:

  • Engaging your customers
  • Transforming your products
  • Empowering your employees
  • Optimizing your operations

Cloud Enablement

Cloud enablement—or readiness—applies to more than a traditional waterfall project with its highly structured work breakdown formatting. An Agile Scrum approach can be very successful, too, if the cloud vision and the desired outcome are well defined. A cloud readiness framework can help you embed your cloud activities into your existing procedures, operational tasks, and responsibilities to ensure that you, as the enterprise, stay in control of your cloud journey.

Technology Roadmap

Moving to the cloud is not an all-or-nothing process. You can move a single workload or system at a time or maintain a hybrid cloud environment where on-premises and cloud services run seamlessly together across infrastructure, data, users, and applications. You can keep customer or investor information safe and easily accessible across multiple platforms, devices, and locations. Or, you can quickly scale up your cloud presence for a specific project or event and scale down when completed. You can even integrate end-to-end data intelligence to understand customer needs better, improve service and product offerings, and drive business excellence. And extending your datacenter into the cloud will free up on-premises resources that can be redirected toward your organization’s bottom-line.

Wherever you are on your journey to the cloud (or even if you need to stay-put on-premises for now), we are your trusted partners to guide you toward achieving your business goals and realizing your vision.

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