Real estate is communication driven, and companies need a user-friendly, efficient way to keep track of documents, tasks and contacts—accessing or sharing them quickly and easily, no matter where they are. REALTY|share was built to achieve these goals, bringing order and efficiency to real estate operations.

Powerful Solution; Feature-Rich Portal

Proven to be 100% successful in assisting real estate companies to painlessly streamline their processes, REALTY|share is more than a tool. It’s a powerful, secure content management, collaboration and workflow portal built on SharePoint—one of the world’s most popular office productivity platforms. With REALTY|share, companies gain a comprehensive framework, not only for organizing and accessing resources internally, but also for keeping clients, partners and investors up to speed through a dedicated portal.

  • Organize all documents securely across deals, with version management to eliminate duplicates.
  • Manage and track contacts and contact activity—investors, properties and more.
  • Locate documents easily with Google-like search functions. n Access content in the office or remotely, via browser, desktop or mobile device.
  • Track checklists and deal-related action items, from due diligence and construction checklists to tax returns, investor reports and other deliverables.
  • Share key documents and other information with third parties: investors, lawyers, contractors and architects.

View important details, from property location to pending tasks, via a unified interface.

Grow your real estate business without growing the cost of back office and personnel systems.

REALTY|share Feature Highlights

Document Management
Store all property documents in a unified repository for secure, role-
based access, including external, authorized parties (investors, customers, contractors, counsel, etc.)
Process Management
Generate template-based checklists specific to each property, as well as task reminders and escalations, including “My Tasks Due This Week.” Launch project management and collaboration sites for managing construction and other processes.
Contact Management
Store and track contacts (people and companies) and their activities and connect them with properties for robust customer, vendor and investor relationship and deal pipeline management. (Enjoy the flexibility of full Microsoft Outlook integration.)
Customer Portal
A central connection point for customers, property owners and investors to view important information and updates about relevant properties.
Report Dashboard
Extract and visualize property financial reporting and analytics.

How Does REALTY|share Work?

REALTY|share is built on the award-winning, globally recognized Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises platforms. Focused on increased productivity, REALTY|share enables real estate companies to easily:

Access and manage documents from a
single location.

Manage project checklists and
operating tasks.

Manage and track contacts and
investors within a robust CRM.

Manage and deliver investorn information, including K1’s and property updates.

Present dashboards with key business data.

Streamlined Operations and Investor Communications Await

Engage with Abel Solutions to learn how REALTY|share can enhance your productivity and increase your customers’ satisfaction.