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Gateway to Increased Collaboration; Both Internally and Externally

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Real Estate is an asset driven industry which leverages multiple products and platforms to handle the constant communication between internal and external partners. With our REALTY|share solution, we help companies streamline disparate systems creating an efficient and centralized approach to collaboration between internal employees and outside vendors alike.

Providing Full Life Cycle Deal (or Information) Management System

Today’s Real Estate Business Leaders are expected to work with multiple information platforms as well as with multiple external partners. At the same time, they must manage and track milestones and deadlines related to their deals, and ensure all deal documents are organized and secured.Successfully achieving all of those objectives while maintaining communication is a mission-critical activity, yet it can be a distraction from daily business operations and therefore is often not given the attention that is required.

Maintaining a successful Real Estate organization is a delicate balancing act. Companies compete with a limited pool of resources, time, and money to achieve their goals. We understand that the interconnected activities of synchronizing business data, storing documents, and securely sharing information with externals partners can be a challenge, which is why we developed REALTY|share.

Abel Solutions and its technology experts are the perfect business partners to build and customize an organization’s Real Estate Portal. REALTY|share is the foundation for achieving a centralized platform that pulls in disparate systems, personnel, and business data to allow increased collaboration.

REALTY|share provides a centralized and sustainable solution:

  • Automates processes to enable the collaboration of disparate areas within an organization to build a dynamic and flexible process management system.
  • Provides document storage to organize all collateral securely across deals, property sites, and other collaborative areas.
  • Displays property related data per property sites as well as shows the aggregated data across all properties using an analytic dashboard
  • Mitigates business risk and compliance shortfalls, creating a level of trust for customers and partners as well as expanding competitive leadership within the industry.
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In addition, Abel Solutions’ REALTY|share delivers powerful functionality:

REALTY|share is a flexible and customizable solution designed to grow and evolve in partnership with an organization. This design approach was intentional to enable organizations to address the precise functionality needed to jump start the modern approach of an asset’s full life cycle.

Document Management

Manage and collaborate on documents while utilizing versioning control capabilities. Save documents in a unified repository for secure, role-based access, including external authorized parties.

Process Management

Generate template-based checklists specific to each property, as well as task reminders and escalation workflows. Launch project management and collaboration sites for managing construction and other processes.

Tenant Lease Dashboard

Display all accounting-level documents and information related to tenants such as leases, abstracts, and LOC’s at the specific property collaboration site. The archiving of information is inherent in this solution allowing users to retrieve documents on demand.

Investor Portal

A central connection point for investors and their approved proxies giving them on-demand access to property related documents, images, and other materials. Empowering investors to run queries by report and retrieve financial statements (K1s) and other documents specific to the property or entity.

Report Dashboard

The ability to access traditional and nontraditional data that pulls from internal and external databases. This allows organizations to go beyond spreadsheets and modernize their data delivery providing real-time or near real time information to decision makers.


Streamlined Operations and Investor Communications Await

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