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  • Top 4 Common Compliance Challenges for Financial Institutions

    Join us, along with our partners at Zix | AppRiver, on October 7th to share success stories on how banks have overcome these common challenges when moving to the cloud.
  • Migrating 3.5 TB of Data to Microsoft 365 for Increased Collaboration at Jamestown

    With a relationship spanning over a decade, Jamestown knew they had a trusted partner in Abel Solutions when they decided to move their 3.5 TB of data from SharePoint 2010 to Microsoft 365.
  • Cloud Security "For Good"

    Read our latest Insight to learn how you can take advantage of the investments Microsoft is making in cloud security technology—whether you are a for-profit or nonprofit organization.

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Scheduler Office 365

Meet Scheduler for Office 365

With Scheduler for Office 365, you can easily hand off the back-and-forth—often required to schedule a meeting—to your virtual assistant, Cortana. SImply include Cortana in…