Portals & Collaboration

Reaching your business goals hinges on your company’s ability to act as a team. With an effective portal, employees can collaborate on shared documents, easily access information, host online meetings, streamline communication, find innovative ways to serve customers, and more.

Empower your workforce.

Cloud Migration

Is your technology holding you back? Now is a perfect time to explore how cloud computing can help you run your business more efficiently. A few questions to consider:
  • Is it time to replace aging hardware and software?
  • Can you run your technology more efficiently in the cloud?
  • Are you meeting today’s security and compliance standards?
  • Could you use cloud innovation to serve customers better?
Our customers’ digital transformation needs are continually evolving. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can modernize your technology by migrating your existing infrastructure, data, software, and applications from legacy systems to cloud-based solutions, such as Microsoft Azure or Microsoft 365.

Intranet Solutions

Technology plays a vital role in enabling communication, collaboration, productivity, and efficiency for any organization. Without a reliable platform and future-focused capabilities, ensuring that employees are connected and engaged can become more challenging—especially when all or part of the workforce is remote.

Client Portals

Wouldn’t it be great if managing business-critical relationships didn’t require hundreds (or thousands) of never-ending emails? Good news—portals are not only for your internal employees! Instead of sharing information via email, external users (users outside of your organization’s domain) can access a secure and customized portal to address their specific needs and interests. Bring efficiency to all aspects of your business by offering self-service portals for customers, vendors, investors, partners, and more.

Document Management Systems

No matter your industry, size, or business model, your organization is likely generating content all day, every day. Whether it’s contracts and invoices, presentations and pitch decks, spreadsheets and reports, graphics and videos, or forms capturing a multitude of information, all of this content must be stored, organized, and accessible in a centralized place. Cloud-based document management systems provide flexibility and scalability, extended capacity, and enhanced security for your content throughout its life cycle.

Collaboration Systems

Is your team overloaded with tasks? Is it a challenge to find time to collaborate on projects and deliver results promptly? An effective collaboration platform enables you to stay on top of your work with an integrated view of email, calendar, and contacts that sync across your devices in real-time. Simplify how your company works together. Stay connected with online chats, have your inbox prioritize emails for you, get rid of multiple versions of document attachments, and supercharge your productivity with an integrated communication and collaboration platform.

Stay productive anywhere, all the time.

Help your company get more done faster and empower your remote workforce.