What is the difference between a company intranet and a modern digital workplace? A modern workplace is where employees come to connect, collaborate, share ideas, and accomplish work. It is also a place where they can get in on the office chatter, catch the latest news, give feedback and look up colleagues with shared expertise or interests. It no longer is an old intranet portal which meant a static internal site where a few privileged employees published news, documents, and events. A portal which only offered one-way communication, and which was used mainly as a document repository and news channel.

So, what will make your company intranet a modern digital workplace? Ensuring your employees can use it anywhere, work in it, collaborate with it, get things done easier, and be ready to use quickly.

Use it anywhere.

Using a modern digital workplace, it should be easy to access no matter if it is on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. If you are at the office, maybe working from home, or you are on the go your digital workplace should be available to use everywhere.

Work in it…not just with it.

Employees should not only be able to add or edit documents but also use all the tools provided in Office 365. A modern digital workplace offers solutions to enable end-users to complete their work efficiently. For example, a. From here they can create and view emails or manage calendar events from Outlook. Create and monitor tasks within Microsoft Planner.  Join or create additional Office 365 Groups to collaborate with their peers.

Collaborate with it.

Modern workplaces should be fashioned based on your work culture. In this age of social networking, everyone can give their opinions, share, comment and even like posts. The modern workplace should promote this collective collaboration and knowledge sharing with platforms like Yammer, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.








































It makes things easier

Modern digital workplaces should offer a great user experience. It would be easy to navigate, and it should offer effective search capabilities. Users are able to perform searches on all available content within the portal. One of the most requested search capabilities is for people within your organization and having the ability to filter based on a skillset of the employee.



It is ready to go

A solution accelerated digital workplace has a major advantage over a full custom designed intranet – implementation time. Instead of starting from scratch, customize a digital workplace in a much faster time by using a pre-designed template. This will give you more time to spend focusing on your business goals, less time on the technology, and will also reduce the risk and cost associated with implementing an intranet.


A modern digital workplace is an easy-to-use, work from anywhere, collaborative intranet that your employee can do their best work in.

With over a decade of experience designing and implementing portal and collaboration solutions for customers, we created Share|Net.  Share|Net is our solution accelerator for a modern digital workplace that provides our customers a place to communicate, collaborate, socialize, and be productive on a single platform.  Additionally, we have partnered with Powell365 to add more capabilities such as the ability to use more than 20 templates and 20 web parts that apply to common company scenarios.

If you would like to learn more about how Abel Solutions can simplify your digital workplace project while improving business productivity, contact us today 1-866-483-5691 or email us at sales@abelsolutions.com.


This tip written by Abel Solutions SharePoint Consultant Billy Riley.