Cloud Migration Assessment

Abel Solutions takes a holistic approach to cloud migration assessments, taking into account your organization’s existing systems and infrastructure to deliver the best possible technology roadmap.

Why Get a Cloud Migration Assessment?

As your organization embarks on its journey toward a cloud environment, it’s crucial to ensure a smooth and successful process.

A cloud migration assessment plays a vital role in this endeavor by evaluating your current IT environment and helping to develop a comprehensive migration plan that includes three core objectives:

    • To identify cost-saving opportunities
    • To ensure optimal resource utilization
    • To create a scalable and flexible cloud environment

A study by Gartner found that organizations can save up to 30%
on their cloud costs through rightsizing and optimizing resources

How A Cloud Migration Assessment Identifies Cost-Saving Opportunities

A cloud migration assessment contributes to long-term savings for your organization by:

    • Analyzing current and projected costs associated with the migration
    • Identifying cost-saving opportunities, such as rightsizing resources and leveraging reserved instances
    • Providing recommendations for cost-optimized migration strategies

How A Cloud Migration Assessment Ensures Optimal Resource Utilization

Ensuring optimal resource utilization via a cloud migration assessment, organizations can:

    • Reduce wastage and over-provisioning of resources
    • Adjust resources dynamically based on demand patterns
    • Implement cost monitoring and reporting tools to track spending and optimize costs over time

How A Cloud Migration Assessment Creates a Scalable & Flexible Cloud Environment

Leveraging the insights from a cloud migration assessment allows your organization to create a future-proof cloud environment that supports growth and innovation. Some key factors to consider when designing a scalable and flexible cloud environment include:


Application Architecture

Adopting a microservices-based architecture enhances scalability and flexibility, making it easier to update and deploy new features.


Automation & Orchestration

Utilizing automation tools and orchestration platforms, such as Microsoft 365, simplifies the management of complex cloud environments and improves operational efficiency.


Monitoring & Observability

Implementing comprehensive monitoring and observability solutions helps to proactively identify and resolve issues, ensuring the reliability and performance of your cloud environment.

Key Components of a Comprehensive Cloud Migration Assessment


Infrastructure & Architecture Analysis

Analyzing the existing infrastructure and app infrastructure helps your organization understand its current setup and identify the best approach to migrate your applications and data to the cloud environment. It also includes assessing application dependencies and identifying potential bottlenecks.


Application & Data Assessment

An app inventory and data assessment involve analyzing the applications and data sources that need to be migrated. This detailed analysis helps in prioritizing applications for migration and determining the right cloud deployment model.


Security and Compliance Evaluation

Reviewing security requirements and regulatory compliance ensures that the migration plan adheres to the necessary standards and reduces risks during the migration journey.


Cost Estimation and Optimization

Understanding the costs involved in a cloud migration and identifying potential cost-saving opportunities are crucial for an optimized migration plan.


Change Management and Organizational Readiness

Preparing your organization and your employees for the digital transformation is essential for a successful cloud migration.

Our Methodology for Cloud Migration Asessments

To ensure a successful cloud migration, we step clients through these best practices during the assessment process:

Cloud Migration Assessment Strategy - Cloud Migration Assessment

1. Establish a Clear Migration Strategy

Define the goals, objectives, and scope of the migration, as well as a timeline and budget.

Cloud Migration Assessment Team - Cloud Migration Assessment

2. Engage Stakeholders & Build a Cross-Functional Team

Include representatives from various departments, such as IT, finance, and operations, to ensure all perspectives are considered during the assessment.

Cloud Migration Assessment Priorities - Cloud Migration Assessment

3. Prioritize Applications & Workloads for Migration

Include representatives from various departments, such as IT, finance, and operations, to ensure all perspectives are considered during the assessment.

Cloud Migration Assessment Progress - Cloud Migration Assessment

4. Monitor & Track Progress

Use project management tools and dashboards to track the progress of the migration, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions.

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