Your company has invested in the SharePoint platform. Your employees are comfortable with this technology for day-to-day business use. Your Accounting Department is yearning for a better way to do AP. (Am I right?)

Join Abel Solutions and Bottomline Technologies on October 9 at 11am EST as we show you how you can automate your AP process while leveraging your company’s investment in the SharePoint platform. During the webinar we’ll:

  • Demonstrate how invoices of multiple styles and layouts are scanned and “fingerprinted” so that each successive invoice from the same vendor will be automatically indexed with little or no intervention by the AP clerk.
  • Show the end-to-end workflow process for non-PO invoice GL coding and approval.
  • Describe the workflow process for PO-based invoices.
  • Provide an example of integration with a major ERP system for vendor and GL code look-up and invoice posting.
  • Show examples of out-of-the-box management reports.

Everyone has been looking for the “killer app” for SharePoint. This is it. Register now for the October 9 webinar; you won’t be disappointed.