If you utilize Microsoft’s Office 365 services, you may have wondered just how secure your organization is. Well, wonder no more! The Office 365 Secure Score is here to help. Secure Score monitors your Office 365 organization’s security based on activity and security settings.  It also assigns a simple score to help you know exactly where your organization stands when it comes to security. Think of it as a credit score for your organization’s safety.

How do I view my Secure Score?

Any user with admin permissions (global admin or custom admin) and an Office 365 Business premium or Enterprise subscription can access the Secure Score dashboard at https://securescore.office.com(Please note that you have to be an Admin for this site to work).  Once the site is accessed, the Admin can then share the results with anyone in their organization.

How does it work?

Secure Score looks at what Office 365 services you’re using (OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange Online) to review your settings and activities, then compares them to a baseline established by Microsoft. You’ll get a score based on how aligned you are with the best security practices.


If you want to improve your score, review the action queue to see what you can do to help increase security and reduce risks.

Expand an action to learn about what threats it will help protect you from and how it will get the job done.

To view the impact of the changes, or to monitor the day to day changes in your organization, go to the Score Analyzer page and view your history.

You can click any data point on the timeline to see a breakdown of your score for that day. You can also see all changes to the security configuration that occurred on that day and how it impacted your overall Secure Score.


What can Secure Score do for my organization?

Secure Score does not measure how likely you are to experience a breach but it does show the extent to which you have adopted best practices to mitigate the potential for a breach.  It provides you with peace of mind that you’re taking reasonable steps to protect your organization from threats. It’s also a good way to keep up with new security features that have been added to Office 365.

If you’d like assistance in better understanding what Secure Score can do for your organization, please contact Abel Solutions.

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This tip written by Abel Solutions IT Services Manager, Jason Casteel.