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2018 Tips – A year (and a decade plus) in review

December 19, 2018 2018 Tips – A year (and a decade plus) in review As the end of 2018 draws near, we at Abel Solutions are beginning to reflect.  You see, in February 2019, we’ll celebrate a significant milestone –…

Syncing Data to SharePoint using No Code

In our October 2018 edition of Abel Solutions’ Tip of the Month, we learned that there are several methods to connect external data sources in SharePoint including third party integration tools. In this edition, we will explore one of those…

Integrating External Data and SharePoint

In today’s world, information is scattered across multiple environments. Amidst the fast-paced change of digital transformation and the world at large, external data is likely to hold the insights one needs to understand their environment and navigate the market of…

Power BI: What’s New and What’s Changed

It’s been a while since we have written about Power BI, and in that time Power BI has greatly expanded its capabilities and added new features. If you are not familiar with Power BI, let’s go through what Power BI…

Business Processes are just as important as your Data

Business Processes are equally as important as your Data Tying your Organization together through SharePoint and Nintex Workflows   Many organizations, especially banks, have such a diverse and varied data environment, that it is cumbersome to allow business processes to…

Branding for SharePoint sites in Office 365

Introduction Branding is essential for organizations because it creates a sense of trust and makes people feel identified with the organization. In SharePoint, there are different options available to brand sites.  Some options are more accessible to implement than others,…

What is a Modern Digital Workplace?

What is the difference between a company intranet and a modern digital workplace? A modern workplace is where employees come to connect, collaborate, share ideas, and accomplish work. It is also a place where they can get in on the…

Effective Planning for a Corporate Intranet

Thinking about creating or modifying your corporate intranet portal? Although exciting, it can easily become an overwhelming endeavor taking up time and resources. With so many stakeholders and opinions, it can sometimes be easier to avoid taking on any changes. But don’t fret, there are ways to make the process easier…

5 Great Features of the Nintex Responsive Form Designer

Nintex is the leading provider of SharePoint workflow and forms solutions. As Nintex’s go-to partner in the southeast, as well as its longest tenured partner in the region, we at Abel Solutions leverage Nintex Workflow, Forms, Mobile and Connectors to…

Customize the SharePoint login experience for your users

SharePoint offers an excellent authentication/authorization method for your intranet sites, but what about extranet sites? Do your users have their Active Directory credentials saved in their Windows accounts? Do you want to have a non-Active Directory Repository for your users?…

SharePoint Hybrid: Is It Right For Your Organization?

Hybrid.  It’s a word that gets used a lot in SharePoint circles these days.  But what exactly is SharePoint Hybrid? And is it right for your organization?  In this edition of Abel Solutions’ Tip Of The Month, we will answer…

Leveraging DocuSign, SharePoint and Workflows for Digital Signatures

Most people understand from firsthand experience how inefficient, time consuming, and frustrating the process of collecting or providing signatures on business documents can be for both sender and signer. Even as the term “paperless office” becomes more and more of…

Communication Sites in SharePoint on Office 365

On May 16, 2017, the Microsoft SharePoint Team held its global online event and the most exciting news coming from the past SharePoint Virtual Summit for me was Communication Sites for SharePoint on Office 365.  Let us look at the…

Using Microsoft Teams in Your Organization

You may have heard of Microsoft Teams, a relatively new product from Microsoft, and wondered what it was for and how it can be used in your organization. On the surface, Microsoft Teams seems like just another place to have...

Creating Power BI Reports on SharePoint Lists

As with all companies who use SharePoint, the platform becomes a data repository containing many types of valuable business information. So, with all this information residing inside of SharePoint, what can end-users utilize to create reports to help them make…

PowerApps: SharePoint in the Palm of Your Hand

Lately, Microsoft has been coming out with a multitude of helpful productivity tools in the way of apps, including Planner, Flow and Delve, to name a few. These are some fantastic apps that expand and tie together the Microsoft ecosystem…

Using PowerShell for SharePoint Governance

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just ask SharePoint a simple question and get a straight answer? Unfortunately, SharePoint through the web interface doesn’t always give us the answers we need. For example, through the web interface, you cannot…

Get Your Team Organized with Microsoft Planner

As we enter into a new year, it is a time for New Year’s resolutions. How many of us have “get organized” as one of our resolutions? When it comes to getting organized and using SharePoint, there are many ways…

Taking Advantage of Page Layouts in SharePoint

One of the commonly used features of SharePoint (2013, 2016 and Office 365) is its publishing capabilities. This often consists of using SharePoint to create pages to represent content, such as news items, articles or web pages. This content has…

Work Smart, Not Hard with Workflow Lazy Approval

When you are utilizing SharePoint in business processes, approval workflows are inevitable. Whether you have SharePoint Designer or Nintex, approval emails can be an interruption to your work day or your weekend. Does the following scenario sound familiar? You are…

What’s New In SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online?

Overview This is a great year for SharePoint. Not only has SharePoint 2016 been released for on premises customers, but Microsoft has also announced a roadmap of what’s to be released this year to enhance SharePoint even further. Here are…

Tips on troubleshooting SharePoint 2013 performance issues

So you just migrated to SharePoint 2013 and you notice that certain pages takes longer than 5 seconds to load: 1. Enable SharePoint Developer Dashboard To enable the developer dashboard, launch the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and run the following…

Custom Solutions in SharePoint Online

There are so many new ways to customize SharePoint Online that it has become nearly as powerful as the custom developed solutions we’ve seen developed for SharePoint on-premise environments over the years. First, a quick explanation of the differences between…

Enhancing SharePoint Search with Custom Site Columns

It’s 1:50 p.m. and you’ve already found your favorite spot in the large conference room as you wait for everyone to arrive for the 2 p.m. strategy meeting. The meeting begins and your boss asks you to pull up last…

SharePoint Services Farm – Why’s and How’s

When it comes to information, one of the things all IT divisions are looking for is a “Source of Truth.” A source of truth is a place where applications and people look to as their primary resource to find standardized…

Deploying Your SharePoint Farm to the Cloud Using Azure

Introduction These days it is tough to avoid the topic of moving to the cloud, and for good reason. Running your server in the cloud can have many benefits such as eliminating the worry of hardware failure or providing you…

Branding with the SharePoint Color Palette Tool

In SharePoint 2013, the theming engine has been redesigned from the previous versions of SharePoint with the attempt to make it more accessible to all users. To change the look of a site, go to Site Setting under the category…

SharePoint Navigation: Mega-Menu and More

The fluidity of your SharePoint site’s navigation determines how easy (or hard) your employees perceive its usage. There is a tool that allows for creation of a more efficient and tailored SharePoint site navigation. It is the mega-menu. The mega-menu…

Finding Knowledge in SharePoint

Research shows that when users can quickly find what they are looking for using search, they save a significant amount of time and effort. Research also shows that most users do not use the advanced Boolean search capabilities found in…

What Is Microsoft Power BI?

Business Problem The number of business intelligence (BI) tools and software to help you visualize your data on the market is mind-boggling. As a Microsoft partner, prospects and customers often ask us, “So what is Microsoft’s strategy related to BI?…

Accessing data from SharePoint workflows

Today, many organizations are working with both SharePoint and With recent updates and new features, we are seeing an increase in several integration points between the two products that will allow the seamless use of both technologies and increase…

Integrating SharePoint with External Platforms

For many years now, Abel Solutions has been helping our clients achieve the Four Promises of SharePoint: Finding and Using Knowledge, Managing Business Performance, Streamlining Business Processes, and Enabling Team Collaboration. In previous Tips of the Month, we’ve focused on…

Developing SharePoint-Hosted Apps for Office 365

As the popularity of SharePoint Online (Office 365) continues to grow, SharePoint developers must begin to approach development of custom applications from a different angle. The biggest challenge that developers face in this new arena is that SharePoint farm solutions…

SharePoint Branding: The Key to Meaningful Design

When it comes to designing and developing SharePoint portals for clients, the most common requirement I get from clients is to design their site so that it “does not look like SharePoint.” For public-facing sites, especially, many clients want their…

SharePoint Debugging Tips

SharePoint has a robust event logging system.  By default, the SharePoint log files are located in the “Logs” folder in the SharePoint “hive.”  One tool used to analyze these log files is the ULS Viewer.  This program works with both…

Publishing Content to Multiple Sites, Manage from a Single Location

A growing organization had requirements for ongoing communications to client teams compromised of internal employees as well as customers on the client side. Communications were coming from varied sources on a multitude of channels without uniformity and often without adherence…

Forms in SharePoint 2013

Forms are an important component of SharePoint 2013 as they are the key to allowing users to feed information into SharePoint. Having well designed forms enables users to enter accurate data which benefits the system as a whole. The forms…

SharePoint Roles and Staffing

There are many roles necessary for a successful enterprise SharePoint deployment. Unfortunately not every organization considers these roles before they begin their deployment and thus may encounter obstacles along the way, or worse, find themselves with an unsatisfactory installation at…

Using V-Model Test Methodology for QA in SharePoint Deployments

With every new SharePoint initiative, project managers carefully script and manage the necessary phases to ensure a successful deployment of the solution. One of the most important components of development is testing. Testing can be more iterative throughout creation of…

The SharePoint Value Model™

SharePoint has matured considerably as a platform since its formative releases. The maturity of SharePoint deployments at mid-size and large organizations, however, has not advanced at a similar pace. Why is it that sophisticated organizations are not more fully exploiting…

SharePoint 2013 Migration Made Easy!

Microsoft released the latest version of SharePoint (SharePoint 2013) last year. You may have seen the new features and capabilities and now you want to migrate your SharePoint environment to the new 2013 platform, but there is just a small…

What’s New in Nintex Workflow for Office 365

UPDATE 3/20/2017: This content was originally posted in 2014. Since then, many features and functionality listed in this article have been added to the Nintex Workflow and Forms for Office 365 products. Please see the Nintex for Office 365 Help…

Reasons to use (and not use) Apps for SharePoint 2013

Ever since Microsoft announced SharePoint 2013 and the new App Model, there has been a lot of discussion around what the best option is for making customizations within SharePoint. While there are many valid reasons to choose alternative options, in…

Sync with the Plan

Are your project manager’s frustrated by the time and effort it takes to build and update a work plan?  My guess is they are.  How would I know?  I have functioned as a project manager for most of my career. …

Moving SharePoint to the Cloud (Office 365)

After performing Microsoft Office 365 migrations with a variety of client requirements and technical and non-technical circumstances, and based on strong recommendations from our field consultants and customers alike, Abel Solutions deems Office 365 ready for prime time!

Who Knew SharePoint Could Do That?

Since the beginning of SharePoint, Abel Solutions has been involved with many implementations of intranets, extranets and company portals.  Now, we are seeing more and more companies take advantage of the complete platform and extending it with third party add-ons to develop real and impactful business solutions.

SharePoint 2013 User Authentication

As the collaborative sharing of information becomes a more and more critical aspect of today’s business environment, managing access to SharePoint environments for an increasing variety of users and organizations is becoming an equally important challenge.  Fortunately, SharePoint 2013 supports a variety of authentication methods and authentication providers…

Creating customized search results in SharePoint 2013

Some of the most exciting advancements in SharePoint 2013 have come in the area of search, including UI improvements like the hover panel to preview content, relevance improvements through analytics, continuous crawl which eliminates the need for scheduled incremental crawls, a more flexible search schema, and the new Content Search Web Part.


Real-Time Collaboration with Microsoft Office and SharePoint 2010

When collaborating on a document, it is common to email that document to one or more colleagues to update.  Fortunately, SharePoint 2010 (and SharePoint Online on Microsoft Office 365) and Office 2010 provide co-authoring capabilities for real-time collaboration.

Knowledge Management with Metadata and SharePoint Search

Knowledge can be difficult to find within an organization. SharePoint is great for capturing knowledge but this gets lost over time, especially as new content is added. How do we harness this knowledge so that it becomes more useful for the users of your system?

SharePoint Governance for the Masses

A comprehensive SharePoint governance plan – samples of which abound on the web – is simply overkill for the vast majority of Phase 1 SharePoint implementations.   All too often a company takes one of these samples, edits where appropriate, fills in parameters where needed, and then prints out a tome for the bookshelf.


Windows PowerShell: A Powerful Tool All SharePoint Admins Should Leverage

Introduced to SharePoint with SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation, PowerShell has become a critical tool for administrators and developers alike. Windows PowerShell is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language. Learning and utilizing PowerShell for SharePoint will give you…

Getting Content into SharePoint Easily

Microsoft SharePoint offers powerful capabilities for managing content. This includes document management, collaboration, auditing, versioning and many other features. However, not all content originates in SharePoint. Your organization may already have content in one or more locations within your environment…

FAST Search for SharePoint 2010: Relevancy Tuning

Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 offers a more powerful enterprise search for SharePoint 2010. Combining the power of FAST and simplicity of SharePoint, FAST Search Server 2010 offers an exceptional intranet and people search experience. It also serves as a platform for building search-driven applications.

Learning Management Systems and SharePoint

In the past, many companies purchased third party applications for Learning Management and either installed the application in house or accessed it via a hosted model. You can now take advantage of the investment you have already made in the SharePoint platform and implement all the capabilities of a Learning Management System within the secure SharePoint system.

Mobile-Enabling Your SharePoint Forms/Workflow Application

Back in our January 2007 Tip of the Month, we described how to build an employee on-boarding workflow solution on SharePoint. Boy a lot has changed in four years! For this month’s Tip, we’re once again revisiting the on-boarding process with some new twists.

Bird’s-Eye View of the SharePoint Conference 2011

Although Georgia is on my mind, SharePoint is on the mind of all attendees here in Anaheim, CA, at the SharePoint Conference 2011. It is amazing to see the incredible turnout from not only the United States, but from representatives from all around the world; a true testament to the success and continually accelerating popularity of SharePoint.

Enterprise Project Management with SharePoint and WorkEngine

Faster deployment, reduced IT cost and increased user adoption are all advantages to using the SharePoint platform. One area that is getting more and more attention within the SharePoint user base is Project Management for organizations. As mentioned in the October 2010 Tip of the Month, there are many alternatives to addressing this need. This month we will look at one particular product, WorkEngine by EPMLive, a feature-rich solution that realizes those advantages.

Social Networking – A Critical Part of an Enterprise Collaboration Platform

The social networking phenomenon likely arrived too late for many of us to enjoy in our teenage and college years, but it’s here now and it’s making a deep and lasting impact on every organization. When yesterday’s young people become today’s corporate workers and tomorrow’s corporate leaders, they strongly desire to take the tools they are familiar with into all areas of the organizations within which they work.

Workflow in Business Processes

All organizations run on processes – complex or simple, clearly defined or ambiguous, automated or by hand. Some of these processes are manual and have been that way for as long as anyone can remember. Employees often unknowingly spend hours, days and weeks annually waiting on manual approvals, written signatures and printed documents. Identifying these processes as candidates for automation offers the chance to improve efficiencies, streamline efforts and gain back lost time.

Reengineering the Corporation

SharePoint is not only a great platform for enterprise content management, it is an excellent tool for Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and the timing for utilizing SharePoint for BPR could not be better. BPR has been around for a long time, and in a recent study by the Society of Information Management (SIM), BPR has maintained its importance among the top issues facing IT professionals. With the recent recession, BPR has become even more important and this fits nicely with the capabilities of SharePoint 2010 and the Streamline Processes promise of the four promises of SharePoint.

FAST – Exponentially Advanced SharePoint ECM

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a core function of SharePoint 2010, tightly integrated to the platform through the use of the managed metadata service, enterprise search sites, content rating, document IDs and the ability for users to uniquely and individually…

Which Microsoft BI Tool is Right For Us?

In trying to define a business intelligence strategy for their organizations, IT leaders often find themselves navigating through a sea of tools. We’re often asked the question, “Which tool is right for us?” SQL Server Reporting Services. SQL Server Analysis…

The Silver Bullet for SharePoint Adoption

I’m meeting my client for dinner after a full day of SharePoint meetings. I’m meeting the VP of IT and a few members of his team, all of whom agree that SharePoint is being used in amazing ways… by exactly…

SharePoint 2010 Migration Trends

Last month we discussed some of the issues clients face when considering upgrading to SharePoint 2010. We detailed factors to consider when migrating and reviewed how the complexity of your existing environment determines the migration effort. So this begged the…

SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Assessment

We recently completed a SharePoint 2010 upgrade assessment for a client running a relatively complex SharePoint 2007 implementation. They’d seen all of the great new capabilities and the improvements to existing features that are available with SharePoint 2010 and wanted…

Gaining Insights into Measurements of Success

Revenue targets. Sales quotas. Customer satisfaction rankings. Billable hours. Number of safety incidents. Units sold. These are some of the many measurements companies and organizations use as barometers of their annual or quarterly success. Internally, all companies have identified these…

Using SharePoint as a Project Management Tool

SharePoint has matured to the point that many application suites are now being developed and deployed on the SharePoint platform. Examples of such applications include Learning Management Systems, Performance Management Systems and Project Management Suites. In this Tip of The…

Real Business Value of My Sites

When organizations consider whether or not to include SharePoint personal sites (My Sites) as part of their overall SharePoint deployment, some of the first things that come to mind are related to the personal perspective of social networking. Ideas tend…

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Capabilities

SharePoint 2010 (“The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Internet”) segments functionality into six capabilities: Sites, Communities, Content, Search, Insights and Composites. The focus of this month’s tip is Content. There is no way to describe all the…

It’s Time To Consider A SharePoint Cloud Strategy

Ever since the release of MOSS (SharePoint 2007) in late 2006, respect for SharePoint as a strategic platform for business has grown exponentially. Companies of all stripes and sizes leverage SharePoint for everything from collaboration to information management; from automation…

Building a Real-Time Bonus Tracking and Management System Using SharePoint

Workflows. Document management. Collaboration. Flexible security model. Search. Performance Management. These are widely recognized strong suits for the SharePoint world. Complex database models. Custom form pages. Connections to back-end systems. These are widely recognized as being part of the custom…

Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is SharePoint 2010’s rebranded version of the Business Data Catalog. In SharePoint 2007, the Business Data Catalog introduced functionality that allowed business users to consume, in SharePoint, content from their external-to-SharePoint data repositories. SharePoint lists could…

Monitoring User Activity with SharePoint Usage and Audit Reports

It’s not sufficient to put together a great SharePoint portal if your intended users aren’t benefitting from your efforts. In this era where management decisions are metrics-driven and every web site has some kind of analytics attached, it is appropriate…

Planning For Your Upgrade to SharePoint 2010

With SharePoint 2010 in beta, Abel Solutions has started looking at moving its own SharePoint sites to 2010. In the course of our planning, we’ve had an opportunity to learn a great deal about the process. What we’ve found is…

Unlocking the Code For True, Cost-Effective SharePoint Workflow

More than three years ago we wrote a SharePoint Tip of The Month entitled Understanding Workflow Capabilities in SharePoint 2007. The tip discussed the three levels of workflow available to those implementing SharePoint sites that automated business processes. To summarize,…

Bringing Products to Market More Efficiently with SharePoint

When a company completes R&D, there are many complex business processes that must occur before the finished product can be brought to market. With time to market being such a critical advantage in a competitive environment, it is all the…

Getting Ready for SharePoint 2010

Last month’s tip provided a sneak peek into what is coming with SharePoint 2010. The timeline is still not publicly available, beyond a few things that are generally known: The October SharePoint conference in Las Vegas will be focused primarily…

SharePoint 2010 Sneak Peek and Kevin’s First Thoughts

At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference last week 8,000 partners from around the globe and 2,000 Microsoft leaders converged on New Orleans to network, exchange ideas and learn about the next wave of Microsoft product innovation. There were the expected…

Leveraging Your SharePoint Investment for Business Productivity

SharePoint’s ubiquity has been well documented. Microsoft’s fastest growing product ever, SharePoint took the market by storm and has been deployed to 100’s of millions of users. The reason for this dramatic adoption is not so profound. The product has…

Implementing a SharePoint Learning Management System

A pressing challenge for many organizations is the planning, delivery and tracking of employee training. With judicious use of custom workflows and SharePoint’s native lists, libraries, views and alert functionality, organizations can leverage their SharePoint investment to implement an elegant…

SharePoint Based ISO 9001 Document Management System

In today’s economy, providing a product of the highest quality will help differentiate your product line from your competitor’s, and provide a strategic advantage. Many customers are now demanding that their suppliers conform to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard. From…

Implementing a SharePoint Knowledge Base

It’s not reflected in your stock price. It can’t be measured on your balance sheet. And no KPI or graph will tell you how well you are doing at it. But few would argue that organizational knowledge is one of…

Planning For Your SharePoint Portal Deployment

For most organizations, SharePoint’s value proposition cannot be fully understood until the product is in place and delivering value to the business. It’s a “chicken and egg” situation: How do you prove the value until you recognize the value? In…

Creating a Dashboard Using Excel Services

One very powerful component of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is Excel Services. For one recent customer, Abel Solutions implemented a reporting dashboard based on Excel Services that met four key requirements for the business: display graphs depicting current information about…

Six Sigma Based Project Portfolio Management Using SharePoint

Many companies in the manufacturing and utility industries are familiar with and employ the Six Sigma business management strategy, a methodology designed to improve efficiencies by incorporating quality management methods into a structured process. As demonstrated by a solution developed…

Remote SharePoint Acceleration

Microsoft SharePoint Services provide a rich suite of team productivity tools; however, they do not overcome the most common performance limitations that may prevent your users from leveraging the investment, (i.e. congested pipes and long distances). With just one participant…

Using SharePoint to Measure Performance

Is the performance for any of your departments or team members driven by metrics? Are the metrics tabulated frequently? Is a tangible amount of time and expense incurred every week, month, or quarter that the numbers are compiled? Does the…

Automatically Converting Reports To PDF in SharePoint

A recent Abel Solutions Tip of the Month profiled an engineering consulting company who was using SharePoint and InfoPath to streamline their report generation process. Implementing SharePoint allowed the company to realize their intended results – generating and approving more…

Managing the Pain of SharePoint Document Migration

You’ve identified SharePoint as the platform for your library of knowledge. You’ve created the taxonomy for how your documents will be organized, stored, and tagged. You’ve defined your processes and procedures for how new documents will make it into the…

SharePoint as an ECM Solution

Enterprise Content Management, or ECM, would be considered a “buzzword” if it weren’t such a very real, critical and problematic gap in most medium sized organizations’ technology and process lineups. Most business functions within an organization have a need for…

Automating the Site Provisioning Process

Your company has launched SharePoint to great success and fanfare within the organization. It’s popularity has taken off to the point where new sites are being created on a weekly or daily basis. Standards, governance and best practices have been…

Getting The Most out of Enterprise Search

International Data Corporation (IDC) estimated in a 2006 white paper titled “The Hidden Costs of Information Work” that the average Information Worker spends 9.5 hours per week searching for information. Assuming an average employee salary of $60,000 per year, this…

Making Sense of SharePoint’s Workflow History

Many companies have been using the Workflow capabilities of MOSS 2007 to streamline the routing of documents and work items to colleagues for approval, sign-off, and other common workflow tasks. An added benefit is that the Workflow History provides an…

Full Featured Business Applications Using SharePoint 2007

In previous Tips of the Month, we talked about how SharePoint could be used to make paper-based forms electronic, to streamline business processes, to aggregate content from multiple sources, to bring key performance indicators and other critical business metrics to…

Web Content Management Breakdown

The nebulous term “Web Content Management ” can be broken down into two parts: Content Maintenance and Content Publishing. Content Maintenance is the addition, deletion, and editing of the actual content on your web site. Content Publishing is the process…

Using SharePoint 2007 Content Types

A new concept introduced with SharePoint 2007 is the notion of a Content Type. At a high-level, a content type is a category of information that is collected and stored in SharePoint. Content types can be list-based – such as…

Approaches to SharePoint Branding and Design Customizations

Branding and design modifications in SharePoint can be broken down into two categories: formatting – colors, font styles, font sizes, and background images; and layout – changing the placement of items on pages, globally adding or removing key elements to…

Streamlining Report Approvals using SharePoint and InfoPath

SharePoint and InfoPath provide a very effective platform for streamlining common business processes. Paper-intensive flows can be readily adapted to these technologies using InfoPath forms and SharePoint workflows. As an example, a company that does a variety of engineering tests…

Content Rollup

A challenge faced by many adopters of SharePoint is the ability to aggregate, or roll-up, content from multiple sites. For example, several different ways of examining a tasks list – tasks assigned to me, overdue tasks, active tasks, etc. –…

Information Management Policies and Records Retention

The questions of information management policies and records retention are ones that executives and senior managers constantly face. The combination of company policies, legal regulations, and general business practices are the sources that typically drive these questions. How can documents…

Building an Enterprise-Wide Staff Directory

Many companies implementing an organizational Intranet face a common scenario – how to maintain an online, up-to-date, easy-to-maintain staff directory. A robust staff directory should be able to do the following: Pull data and routinely synchronize the information from disparate…

Extranet Authentication Options

An increasingly common deployment scenario for SharePoint Products and Technologies is as an extranet environment. Companies looking to extend a web presence beyond the physical boundaries of their network – perhaps to share information and collaborate with partners, clients, and…

Planning Your Migration to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

With the public launch of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) just around the corner, many organizations are considering a move to the new platform. But questions abound surrounding the move. The more companies have invested into their SharePoint…

Business Intelligence Capabilities in SharePoint 2007

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 introduces next generation Business Intelligence components as a native part of the new portal platform. Excel Services gives users the ability to display spreadsheets from a central location (a document library), without need to…

Understanding Workflow Capabilities in SharePoint 2007

Perhaps the most exciting set of functionality that is available with SharePoint 2007 is the capability to build workflow into business processes. Of all of the new features, workflow has captured the most interest and attention from executives, managers, and…

Fulfilling the Promise of Your SharePoint Portal

Fulfilling the Promise of Your SharePoint Portal – A Whitepaper by Abel Solutions The August SharePoint Tip of the Month is a just-published whitepaper from Abel Solutions entitled “Fulfilling the Promise: How Portals Should Become Integral to the Way You…

New Features in SharePoint 2007 – Part II

*The new version of SharePoint expands upon the current version’s level of integration with Outlook. The integration between certain SharePoint lists and Outlook folders will be two-way, thus allowing users to not only read, but also manage the content of…

Several New Features in SharePoint 2007

The full release of SharePoint 2007 is just around the corner, following a second beta release in late May. The next version is designed to address many of the common shortcomings or pain points commonly identified by users with the…

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