For companies seeking intuitive, streamlined capture, indexing, search and retrieval of archival documents, KnowledgeLake can be an invaluable SharePoint add-on. Prior to the release of SharePoint 2013, KnowledgeLake announced its intention to support this release from the outset and to leverage some of SharePoint 2013’s new features to enhance its solution.

For those who have not used KnowledgeLake, this end-to-end document handling solution incorporates four core components:

  • Capture: batch scanning, indexing with metadata and conversion to digital format for storage in the appropriate SharePoint Library.
  • Connect: Index, save and/or retrieve any document in SharePoint from within desktop apps including email. When used in conjunction with KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint (not included with Connect), Connect can leverage KnowledgeLake Behaviors such as database lookups, alternate required columns, and validation lists.
  • Imaging: Extends SharePoint with capabilities for auto-indexing, search, viewing/editing, annotation, export (of search results) and scan, all within SharePoint.
  • Unify: Lets users index, search and view content (including unstructured content) from inside desktop apps and a browser interface.

Knowledge Lake

Beyond these core components, the KnowledgeLake Suite includes two server modules:

  • Capture Server, which off-loads document capture to a separate server for automated batch processing of up to hundreds of thousands of document pages per day.
  • Branch Capture Server, which stores and forwards batches from remote locations

Licensing: KnowledgeLake has specific licensing requirements that vary with the component selected:

  • Connect: One license per user
  • Capture: One license per machine
  • Imaging: One license per farm
  • Unify: One license per user
  • Capture Server or Branch Capture Server: One license per machine

KnowledgeLake License Server (KLS) is required to support Imaging for SharePoint activations. It may be installed on any server in the local environment that is capable of communicating online with at least once (initially) to confirm and obtain license information.