ISO 9001 Document Management

In order to be ISO 9001:2008 certified, organizations must develop and document a procedure to control quality documents.

SharePoint is a platform that allows an organization to effectively implement the document management requirements of the ISO 9001 standard as the following table shows:


ISO 9001 Standard Guidance

SharePoint Feature

Approve documents before they are distributed.

Document libraries and workflow offer out of the box solutions for approving documents.

Update documents on a periodic basis.

Information Management Policies based on Content Types can automatically initiate workflows based on document-specific metadata.

Ensure correct version of document(s) available at point of use.

Enabling Version History on a document library causes SharePoint to maintain a version of the document each time the document is updated.

Identify current revision status of document.

Document Version History captures metadata properties associated with the document that might have changed from one version of the document to the next, along with the actual changes to the document itself.

Identify, control and monitor documents from external sources.

Documents that are received from external sources can be transferred to SharePoint and “tagged” with the appropriate metadata so that the same policies that are applied to internal documents can be applied to documents received from an external source.

Prevent the accidental/unintended use of obsolete documents.

Only the latest and approved version of documents can be made available for viewing by employees. Information Management Policies may be used to archive or destroy outdated documents.

Preserve the usability of documents.

The documents must remain legible (accomplished by storing the documents electronically) and easily identifiable (accomplished using the metadata properties associated with the document) which again are fundamental features of SharePoint.


For more information on ISO 9001 document management within SharePoint, please also see Abel Solutions’ SharePoint Tip of the Month posted in March 2009.