NewsGator Social Sites Brings Social Media to SharePoint

Since 2001, Abel Solutions has been helping companies realize the Four Promises of SharePoint™, the first of which is collaboration. Today, social networking has created a new horizon in business collaboration, but many companies struggle to find a way to integrate social media successfully and securely.

Abel Solutions has identified a compelling solution— NewsGator Social Sites—that integrates seamlessly with SharePoint to create the ultimate social platform. Companies that implement Social Sites leverage the communications clout of social networking in the secure, business-centric environment of their SharePoint deployment.


Social Sites features include community templates, advanced microblogging, social profiles, email integration, and activity streams (a continuous flow of events, content and activities that you can filter).

When integrated with SharePoint, Social Sites provides your enterprise with a behind-the-firewall, social networking platform that facilitates collaboration, improves employee and client relations, and boosts office productivity.