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Reaching your business goals hinges on your company’s ability to act as a team. With an effective portal, employees can collaborate on shared documents, easily access information, host online meetings, streamline communication, find innovative ways to serve customers, and more.

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Cloud Migration Services

Is your technology holding you back? Now is the perfect time to explore how cloud computing can help you run your business more efficiently. A few questions to consider:

    • Are your business operations running on aging hardware and software?
    • Can you run your technology more efficiently in the cloud?
    • Are you meeting today’s security and compliance standards?
    • Could you use cloud innovation to serve customers better?

Our customers’ digital transformation needs are continually evolving. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can modernize your technology by migrating your existing infrastructure, data, software, and applications from legacy systems to cloud-based solutions, such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

If your organization plans to migrate partially or entirely to the cloud, you’ll need a comprehensive solution; one that offers progress tracking, insights, and guidance to map out and execute your migration plan. Our cloud migration tools include, but are not limited to:

    • Server assessment
    • Server migration
    • Data migration assistance
    • Database migration

If your organization’s security policies prevent some of your information from being hosted remotely by third parties, a hybrid cloud strategy will allow you a few different options, including:

    • Retain data in on-premises hardware while transitioning the rest of your data to a public cloud.
    • Maintain data in a private cloud while transitioning the rest of your data to a public cloud.

Either approach will allow your organization to reduce costs by creating an infrastructure allowing seamless use between your various data centers while ensuring data security, continual uptime, and continuity of business services.

Intranet Solutions

Technology plays a vital role in enabling communication, collaboration, productivity, and efficiency for any organization. Without a reliable platform with future-focused capabilities, ensuring employees are connected and engaged can become more challenging—especially when all or part of your workforce is remote.

Every modern intranet requires a clearly defined purpose that has to extend beyond mere functionality. We design holistic, strategic intranets that not only provide all the features your business needs but scale with your growth and adapt along the way.

Higher team member engagement and more agile collaboration are the core focus of every enterprise social network we build. We’ll align your project management, task management, team messaging, and collaboration tools into a single, comprehensive solution that skyrockets efficiency and promotes teamwork like never before.



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Intranet Portal


SharePoint Online

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Intranet portal integrated with

  • SharePoint User Profiles
  • SharePoint News Content
  • SharePoint Documents and metadata
  • Instagram Feeds


Wouldn’t it be great if managing business-critical relationships didn’t require hundreds (or thousands) of never-ending emails? Good news—portals are not only for your internal employees! Instead of sharing information via email, external users (users outside your organization’s domain) can access a secure and customized portal to address their specific needs and interests. 

Bring efficiency to all aspects of your business by offering self-service portals for customers, vendors, investors, partners, and more.

According to Microsoft, 90 percent of consumers expect an online portal for customer service. Not only does this permit your customers a certain degree of self-serviceability, it also ensures your customers have direct access to 24/7 support and product/service resources. We’ll customize your customer portal to both the immediate needs of your customers as well as the unique sales lifecycle that drives your business.

Document Management Systems

No matter the industry, size, or business model, your organization is likely generating content all day, every day. Whether it’s contracts and invoices, presentations and pitch decks, spreadsheets and reports, graphics and videos, or forms capturing a multitude of information, all this content must be stored, organized, and accessible in a centralized place. Cloud-based document management systems provide flexibility and scalability, extended capacity, and enhanced security for content throughout its life cycle.

How your business handles its paperwork load significantly affects your operating costs, staff productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. We’ll design and implement document management workflows to:

    • Automate repetitive processes.
    • Automatically alert users about uncompleted tasks.
    • Provide a 360º view of the workflows, including performance metrics.

Enterprise businesses like yours not only juggle the complexity of varying document lifecycles across multiple locations—you must also meet internal and external compliance measures. We can automate record retention schedules and create a hierarchy of user access levels to build out the document management system your enterprise business requires.

Cloud Collaboration

Is your team overloaded with tasks? Is it a challenge to find time to collaborate on projects and deliver results promptly? An effective collaboration platform enables you to stay on top of your work with an integrated view of email, calendar, and contacts that sync across your devices in real-time. It’s time to simplify how your company works together.

Stay connected with online chats, have your inbox prioritize emails for you, eliminate multiple versions of document attachments, and supercharge your productivity with an integrated communication and collaboration platform.

The beauty of document collaboration tools is how they tailor their functionalities to fit your organization. These functionalities include:

    • Automatic saving
    • Real-time comments and messaging
    • Version History & recall
    • Hierarchy of user permission controls
    • Automatic update alerts
    • List of current participants
    • External sharing
    • Mobile device access
    • Compliance
    • Change history
    • Language/time-zone compatibility

Your document collaboration goals depend on your organization’s unique challenges. We’ll customize a document collaboration solution that not only solves those challenges but quickly evolves as your organization grows.

We will configure a business-class cloud video conferencing solution that’s more secure and dynamic than free software. We can gear it toward the collaboration your organization needs, including:

    • HR & Training – onboarding, training, and career development
    • IT – collaborative troubleshooting
    • Marketing & Sales – connect with customers and external partners
    • Engineering – daily development scrums and debugging

At an enterprise level, cloud collaboration systems cut costs dramatically throughout your organization via:

  • Simplification of cross-department communication into a single channel.
  • Coordination of dispersed workers in a centralized digital hub.
  • Streamlining of work that eliminates paperwork.
  • Integrating cloud collaboration systems with popular software.

We’ll audit your current business processes and create a blueprint for transitioning to cloud collaboration.

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