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Helping Small Businesses Grow Themselves

Small businesses face enough challenges without needing to worry about being taken seriously when it comes to quality management.

For a fledgling business, time is a scarce resource, conditions are unstable, and there is always a hungry competitor out to eat your lunch. No small business can afford to lose out on potential clients because they question your business’s dedication to providing a quality product or service.

An effective way to handle that problem is to have a Quality Management System (QMS) in place. Having a dependable Quality Management System assures both customers and competitors that your products or services adhere to a strict, repeatable process that yields a high standard. If your QMS observes specific internationally recognized standards such as ISO, your business can open new market opportunities — such as utilizing government contracts — by getting certified as compliant.

Adopting a well-constructed Quality Management System can also pave the way for greater process output, lower production costs, and a greater focus on internal processes and goals.

We at Abel Solutions are the experts when it comes to QMS Software for small businesses.

FAQs About Quality Management for Small Business

Quality Management refers to the systematic process of controlling and improving the quality of products or services. It includes activities such as setting quality standards, developing and implementing quality planning, inspecting and testing products, and maintaining records of quality levels.

It helps to streamline workflow management, makes the processes involved in quality assurance and quality control easy to manage, includes the creation and implementation of inspection planning, and improves the overseeing of all tasks needed to maintain a level of excellence for your small business, such as quality control and quality improvement.

A quality management system (QMS) is a standardized system that records processes, procedures, and responsibilities that are necessary parts for achieving quality policies and goals. Quality Management Systems coordinate and direct an organization’s activities, such as those dealing with quality control and quality assurance, in order to satisfy the needs of the customer and regulatory requirements.

Having a QMS in place helps improve efficiency, the effectiveness of processes, waste reduction, staff engagement, cost reduction, risk management, identification, and facilitation of training opportunities on a regular basis.

QMS strategies that scale with your organization
as it evolves.

QMS Consulting Services

For all of our QMS consulting services, we leverage Microsoft 365 for its best-in-class tools to develop solutions that accelerate process efficiencies and standardize compliance measures and reporting.

Why Your Small Business Will Benefit From A Quality Management System

QMS|share, our all-in-one ISO 9001 Quality Management software solution built on Sharepoint & Microsoft 365, provides every aspect of compliance your organization needs.

Our ISO 9001 QMS software can be customized exactly as your industry and daily operations require.

Stay Organized with Document Control

Smaller businesses can’t afford to waste time and money tracking down the status of their documents, and with Quality Management Software, they no longer have to.

At Abel Solutions, document management, or document control, is one of the core focuses of our Quality Management System. Our document management features allow your business to optimize the organizational storage of your compliance documents. In addition to the overall organizational component of document control, our QMS software for small business includes automation features that greatly improve the speed of documentation and document access, as well as the ability to enjoy remote access with file storage in a collaborative cloud environment.

Quality Improvement With Workflow & Process Automation

Automating workflows and processes has been shown to boost productivity, save time and money, and improve your employees’ work experience by eliminating tedious, time-consuming task management allowing them to focus on the more important work.

QMS software includes features that customize approval workflows, templatize and store audit trails, and catalogue document histories.

The process of customizing workflows involves configuring workflows to institute an approval process for important documents, which compliments the document control feature. In addition, our QMS software uses detailed audit trails to keep a thorough overview of a document’s workflow status and to better handle process bottlenecks. Lastly, the ability to catalogue document histories allows access to a complete timeline of reviews and approvals for a given file.

QMS Corrective & Preventative Actions

With our QMS software, your business will no longer have to worry about taking corrective or preventative measures manually. Instead, our comprehensive digital CAPA system will take care of that.

Our QMS software starts by designing and implementing a comprehensive digital CAPA system that detects issues, determines the root causes of these issues, proposes and implements preventive actions, and verifies the effectiveness of the actions it takes.

In addition, the CAPA system works well with existing digital quality processes, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your QMS with components of your quality management that are already digitized and build an adaptable CAPA framework that lets you evolve your CAPA in real-time.

Feel Safe With QMS Software Security

Your employees and clients will rest easy knowing that our QMS software includes top-tier security features.

Set user access levels and permissions. This allows you to restrict access to certain sites or libraries by granting or denying permission to certain users. In addition, you can set the amount of power available to users by editing their permission levels.

Maintain standard security compliance by adhering to both international and industry compliance standards via M365’s native compliance measures.

Enforce secure user authentication by authenticating administrative users through one of two systems: Active Directory on Windows Server 2016 or Azure Active Directory cloud based platform.

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