Large Utility Company

The answer to supporting an expansive SharePoint landscape, eliminating pain points with an existing 3rd party BPA software, and lowering total cost of ownership came in the form of Nintex.


When a company from the utilities industry came to Abel Solutions looking for an alternative to their current 3rd party business process automation (BPA) software, we jumped at the opportunity to introduce them to Nintex. By migrating their business-critical processes to the Nintex platform, we enabled the client to save hundreds of hours in ongoing operational management.

An Expansive SharePoint Landscape

This client maintained between fifty and one hundred subsites for each of their multiple site collections, making for a sprawling SharePoint environment. Each of those subsites housed hundreds of document libraries. The previous BPA solution required the client to manually apply their business processes to every site collection, every subsite, and every library to affect every document hosted within their environment. This manual application process took several hours each time a new subsite or document library was added to the environment, which was a regular occurrence. Needless to say, keeping their workflows up and running took a great deal of effort.

A Customized Approach

While the Nintex platform had all the capabilities to answer the client’s BPA challenges, going in without a carefully considered strategy would likely create an entirely separate set of issues. Before we began implementation, Abel Solutions assessed the client’s environment, considered how best to meet their needs, and established the following plan of attack.

1. Deploy the solution at the Site Collection level to ensure scalability

2. Leverage several features of the Nintex platform to make applying processes quick and easy across the entire environment

Powerful Results

Implementing the above steps had a profound effect on the client’s SharePoint environment and day-to-day operations. Not only did our solution reunite our client with the automated processes they had lost, but we also improved the procedure required to add on to their environment going forward. Never again will they have to apply one of their business processes at the subsite or library level, as they can manage each of their workflows from the site collection level. Maximizing the speed and ease with which they can utilize their BPA solution has also driven down costs associated with its upkeep. After a little help from Abel Solutions, our client has a business process automation solution that works for them, not against them.

Download Full Case Study

To learn more about how Abel Solutions and Nintex, please download the full case study below.