Custom Quality Management with Microsoft 365

Delivering a fully customized quality management system with Microsoft 365. 


With employees working from offices around the world, our customer — a global company specializing in wholesale marketing and distribution of bulk commodities—contacted Abel Solutions seeking a product recommendation to meet their quality management needs. Once engaged, Abel Solutions quickly identified that the customer had already invested in a cloud technology that could be used to accomplish their business requirements—Microsoft 365. Leveraging tools within the Microsoft 365 platform, Abel Solutions designed a quality management system (QMS) that would allow the customer to continuously improve customer service quality and meet industry audit standards.

Targeting Key Quality Management Areas

Abel Solutions conducted several workshops with the customer to clarify business requirements around three key quality management areas: controlled documents, internal audits, and nonconformances. Based on these workshops, Abel Solutions designed custom information architecture and process flow for each of the focus areas. The new QMS was designed and developed entirely by leveraging technology that the customer had already invested in—Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.

An Agile Approach for Rapid Development

Abel Solutions managed the customer’s project using the Agile methodology to allow for rapid deployment, continuous testing, and frequent feedback. This approach—along with the inherent features and flexibility of the Microsoft 365 platform—allowed the Abel Solutions team to deliver the final custom solution to Production in less than three months.

Becoming a Trusted Partner

The deployed cloud-based QMS provided a centralized location, enabled more control over critical quality documents, and eliminated manual steps. By delivering a solution that maximized their investment in the cloud, Abel Solutions became a trusted partner and is now exploring more ways to expand the impact of Microsoft 365 and Power Platform across the organization.

Leveraging The Cloud for Quality Management

Reimagine your Quality Management solution with Abel Solutions.