Abel Solutions Provides End-to-End Managed IT Services

Supporting a multinational packaging company in the agricultural and industrial markets.


With over 250 employees working from offices in 14 countries and partners in 40 additional countries, this Abel Solutions customer specializes in providing sustainable packaging solutions to customers across the globe in the fresh produce and industrial markets. As a long-standing partner, Abel Solutions plays a critical role in managing all aspects of technology to keep this business dominating the industry.

A Long-Time Trusted Partner for all Technology Needs

Abel Solutions first began supporting this customer with their Traverse ERP implementation. When they needed additional IT services, Abel Solutions was ready and able to help with all aspects of their growing technology demands. More than 15 years later, Abel Solutions continues to be the trusted partner to keep things running smoothly and invisibly behind the scenes—from day-to-day end-user support to proactive infrastructure backup, security, and maintenance.

Delivering ROI with Effective Prevention and Immediate Response

When customers engage with Abel Solutions for Managed IT Services, expectations are high—and rightfully so. To deliver on these expectations, Abel Solutions leverages many tools to ensure that customers are set up for success at every turn. All critical Line of Business (LOB) applications and systems are monitored continuously by the Abel Solutions team to proactively detect potential issues—such as hardware failures, memory failures, and even cybersecurity breaches on the dark web—to mitigate risks that could otherwise cause costly downtimes or security threats.

An Evolving Remote Workforce to Enable Success for Today and Tomorrow

As with other customers, the Abel Solutions team worked with this customer to enable collaboration for a suddenly remote workforce in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic in early 2020. Unlike other customers who have already made the move to the cloud, this customer was still living in an on-premises world. So, enabling remote collaboration took the form of VPNs and remote desktop servers to allow users to access business-critical LOB applications, files, and other resources so that the business did not miss a step.

Abel Solutions is also supporting the customer’s move to the cloud which will provide additional remote collaboration capabilities such as enhanced document management and communication via Microsoft Teams, increased security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and more streamlined on-the-go access.

Full-Service Support for Your Business

Trust Abel Solutions to manage all your technology needs.