Cybersecurity Solutions

With Zix | AppRiver’s SecureCloud, you can reduce risks caused by human error and security-related obstacles to productivity.

Constant, dynamic, automated security.

Cybersecurity Consulting

As a Zix | AppRiver partner, we’re able to look at your business and identify effective policy and setting optimizations, gauge overall safety of your domain, expose potential threats, and highlight opportunities for managed security.

Cybersecurity Analytics

Feel safer that your data is protected with updated security reports, real-time threat analysts, automated traffic analysis, and machine-learning enhanced to prevent email threats from entering inboxes.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Get everything you need—a protected platform, cyber intelligence, and a secure suite—in one simple solution. SecureCloud enhances your productivity, increase your security, and strengthens your overall compliance.

Cybersecurity Strategies

Depending on your industry, Zix | AppRiver has developed numerous cybersecurity strategies to allow your team to work confidently, secured. Whether healthcare, legal, government, IT, or manufacturing, there’s a strategy for you.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Identify potential risks, their level of severity to your organization, and recommended mitigations. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of existing controls in place while also keeping the regulatory environment in mind.

Cybersecurity Risk Management

You can’t afford to invest in security that carries a management burden. Take complete control of your sensitive information and mitigate any potential cybersecurity threat or risk that may weaken that control.

Stay productive anywhere, all the time.

Help your company get more done faster and empower your remote workforce.