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Abel Solutions offers REALTY|share as a robust intranet to clients in the real estate industry. As a pre-configured solution, this real estate software comes equipped to provide for the needs of clients struggling to boost the efficiency of their operations and to devise an effective means of internal communication.

In Pursuit of Efficiency

Businesses can improve many aspects of their performance by boosting the efficiency with which they perform their processes. One effective way to accomplish this change is to implement a company intranet. An intranet acts as a portal through which employees can access the information they need to do their jobs. For real estate agents, this may include various agreements, forms, research, and other documents relevant to an individual property or longer project. A quality intranet also helps businesses manage the processes that they perform daily by automating certain aspects using workflows.

While all companies can benefit from a robust intranet software, real estate companies tend to struggle with the exact difficulties that intranets are implemented to fight: disorganized or unstandardized information, inefficient manual processes, ineffective internal communication, etc. What’s more, realtors need to benefit from these features both while connected to the company network in the office and while away from it in the field. Abel Solutions paired the utility of a static intranet system with the remote accessibility that realtors need to be effective in the field — the result was REALTY|share.

REALTY|Share — Efficiency-Boosting Real Estate Software

Easy-to-use and ready for deployment out-of-the-box, REALTY|share is a real estate software designed to meet the varied needs of companies in this industry. All of the program’s functionality remains intact when accessing remotely via personal laptop, tablet device, or mobile phone. Below is a list of features intended to benefit real estate companies by boosting efficiency and improving business operations:

    • Document management application: houses all property documents
      • Sort files according to configurable metadata
      • Powerful search function yields results that contain the keyword in their title, content, and/or metadata
    • Process automation functions: streamlines business operations
      • Automatically generates checklists from customizable templates for certain processes
      • Create and oversee employee-specific weekly task lists
      • Make sub-sites dedicated to the management of ongoing projects
    • Contact maintenance database: keep track of past customers and existing contacts
      • Comprehensive profiles associate people with properties
      • Can be updated to reflect changes
    • Report dashboard: generate and store reports on properties or projects
      • Create dynamic reports and graphs from property data found within REALTY|share or outside programs
      • Visualize trends and direct efforts
    • Investor access portal: share data and reports with relevant parties
      • Grant varying levels of access to as much or as little of your intranet as desired
      • Exercise granular control over who can do what
      • Easily share property updates, K1s, and other documents of interest to investors

As customizable as its features are, REALTY|share’s basic parameters may not serve the needs of every real estate company. For those clients that need highly specific capabilities to overcome formidable hurdles, Abel Solutions offers the services of a SharePoint consultant. They design solutions from the top down to address the problems that the client faces. While a custom-built intranet cannot be deployed quickly, it is tailor-made to fit the individual daily needs of our real estate clients.

Abel Solutions: The Intranet Experts

Abel Solutions has been delivering quality, SharePoint-based solutions to clients from around the country for over 20 years. Our staff prides itself on providing compelling answers to our clients’ most tenacious IT struggles. We also provide data security, network administration, and helpdesk support services. REALTY|share can help streamline your real estate company’s operations with a combination of document management and process automation capabilities — let Abel Solutions implement the change that makes a difference.

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