Real Estate Document Management Software

Because clients in real estate have large amounts of paperwork to store and reference, Abel Solutions has created a pre-configured solution to this issue. REALTY|share is a powerful real estate document management software designed to address the difficulties unique to maintaining company records in this industry.

Many Processes and Documents, No Interconnectivity

Buying and selling property involves a great deal of documentation to ensure legitimacy and legality. From deeds to agreements to loan information, maintaining physical records of all processes required to transfer ownership of real estate takes up a great deal of space. Sorting through and finding specific files in that sea of information is not only a burden; it is inefficient. The problem of locating relevant documents is compounded when the workplace practices lax document management procedures; redundant records, multiple file destinations, no backed up data, and information silos all hinder daily processes by halting the flow of information.

From investment to due-diligence to asset management records, real estate is already an industry drowning in paperwork — why make the process harder than it has to be? Searching for important files between email inboxes, shared drives, filing cabinets, and desk drawers is a time-consuming hassle. Abel Solutions offers an efficient solution to document management woes: REALTY|share.

REALTY|share — Flexible Real Estate Document Management Software

This real estate document management software acts as a central repository for all digital property records, accessible via mobile for agents working in the field. Concentrating all this information on one platform eliminates any confusion regarding the location of important data — it’s in REALTY|share’s document library.

Sorting information within the document library app is accomplished with a few clicks; users can dynamically categorize files according to metadata defined by administrators. Whether arranging information by client name, author, location, date of sale, or whatever other custom metadata you decide to utilize, employees can quickly sift through thousands of files to find the appropriate document. Alternatively, users can locate documents with the search function. Similar to using an internet search engine, typing in a keyword renders file results that contain that keyword in its title, content, or metadata, sorted by relevance.

A Modern Intranet for Modern Business

With many intranets, their usefulness stops at the business’s front door. Realtors are not bound to their desks, however, as they spend a great deal of time out of the office and on-location at properties. For this reason, Abel Solutions ensured that REALTY|share could be utilized anywhere. As a cloud-based intranet system, employees can access the document library or any other needed app from anywhere and on any device that has an internet connection. No longer will realtors have to carry cumbersome paperwork for customers, as they can now pull up relevant forms and contracts on their tablet for client review and electronic signature.

Administrators can even grant limited external access, so that contractors, counsel, investors, and the like can view information relevant to their needs. Granting and revoking permissions allows administrators to manage who has access to what information at a granular level — for instance, giving investors access to view financial reports and denying that same access to customers.

This only covers REALTY|share’s capabilities as a real estate document management software: click here to learn about its full scope of features.

Although REALTY|share is highly configurable due to its basis on the SharePoint platform, some clients will have needs so great that the program’s basic capabilities cannot meet them. For those customers that need a more tailor-fit solution, our SharePoint consultants can build a custom intranet from top to bottom to most effectively suit their needs.

Abel Solutions: The Intranet Experts

For over 20 years, Abel Solutions has delivered powerful remedies to our clients’ most pressing IT struggles. We proudly serve customers from around the country, offering them SharePoint-based solutions to improve their process efficiency and streamline their business operations. Our staff also performs supplementary IT duties such as network administration, helpdesk support, and data security to provide a truly comprehensive array of services to our clients. Our REALTY|share program was designed to ease the woes of members in the real estate industry; if your system of document management isn’t cutting it, let Abel Solutions help.

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