Online Real Estate Management System

To better serve the needs of our clients in this unique industry, Abel Solutions offers an efficiency-boosting online real estate management system called REALTY|share. This out-of-the-box solution is designed to help real estate companies centralize their information and streamline their processes.

Real Estate Businesses and Modernized Operations

Like those of other industries, businesses in real estate have overwhelmingly digitized their processes to increase efficiency. But, for many companies, those processes are all housed and managed on different, incompatible platforms. Centralizing data and making it easily accessible to employees who need it helps companies to reap the greatest benefits of their digital migration. Deriving these benefits is especially important to real estate businesses, as they handle massive amounts of paperwork for each property with which they are involved. One way to accomplish this ideal of centralized, accessible information is to institute a company intranet.

An intranet acts as a portal through which employees access the company data they need to complete their daily tasks. Real estate companies cannot be satisfied with the same old intranet systems that only support their agents on-premises — realtors need access to important documents when in the field as well. Abel Solutions considered this factor when creating REALTY|share, our online real estate management system.

REALTY|share — An Online Real Estate Management System

An out-of-the-box intranet solution based on the SharePoint platform and designed with the real estate industry in mind, REALTY|share connects employees to the information they need. Document libraries store property files and sort them according to customizable criteria, allowing realtors quick access to records and forms. Creating project sub-sites with individualized task lists helps focus efforts and hold individuals accountable while conducting collaborative efforts. A robust customer relationship management system allows realtors to keep records of their clients up-to-date. REALTY|share also has the distinction of being cloud-based — remaining available wherever employees have internet connection on whatever device with which they choose to log in.

Below is an outline of the capabilities REALTY|share offers to real estate companies:

    • Document management: centralized destination for all digital records, organized according to customizable metadata and search-friendly
    • Process automation: automatically creates customizable checklists associated with new property entries; create and manage individualized task lists for employees
    • Contact maintenance: keep records of clients associated with individual properties or larger projects, update profiles as needed
    • Investor portal: grant levels of access to investors so they can review data relevant to them
    • Report dashboard: generate and store reports based on property data

Although REALTY|share is a flexible and configurable solution, its basic capabilities may not meet the requirements of all real estate companies. For those clients that have especially specific or formidable needs that their intranet must serve, Abel Solutions employs SharePoint consultants who will construct a solution from the ground up. These custom-built intranet systems cannot be deployed as quickly as can a pre-configured solution like REALTY|share, but we can assure that the result will be tailor-made to fit a company’s intranet needs.

Abel Solutions: The Intranet Experts

For over 20 years, Abel Solutions has delivered impactful, SharePoint-powered remedies to clients’ most persistent IT problems. We proudly serve customers from across the nation that need system improvements designed to boost efficiency and improve business operations. To present the most comprehensive array of offerings to our valued clients, Abel Solutions also provides supplementary IT services like helpdesk support, network administration, and data security. We strive to ease some of the difficulties endemic to this industry by introducing clients to our online real estate management system — let Abel Solutions help you today.

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