Cloud-Based Real Estate Software

To meet the needs of clients in this fast-paced industry, Abel Solutions offers a comprehensive, cloud-based real estate software called REALTY|share. Its variety of features are available on-site or remotely via mobile device to promote the flexibility and efficiency that realtors need to perform tasks in the field.

Importance of Access and Connectivity

Certain difficulties abound in the real estate industry. One notable issue is agents’ reliance on physical paperwork; any time they must present a document to their client outside of the office, their only option is to bring an ink-and-paper copy. Because employees have access to their digital library of files while on-premises (unless the company has not digitized their records, in which case they urgently need a comprehensive document management software to modernize their record-keeping), realtors are only weighed down by this problem when away from the office.

Toting around leasing agreements and closing offers for customers to review and sign in the field, however, makes document management more difficult than it needs to be. Maintaining all documents in one standard medium helps with ease and consistency in both record-keeping and file retrieval. Abel Solutions has created a software that empowers our clients’ business operations past the limits of their building’s network connection: REALTY|share.

REALTY|Share: Cloud-Based Real Estate Software

Powered by the flexible SharePoint platform, REALTY|share is a cloud-based real estate software designed to address difficulties specific to members of the industry. It is a quickly deployable, out-of-the-box solution that comes with a host of features and applications geared toward boosting the efficiency of various business operations. Below is an overview of the benefits REALTY|share can offer businesses:

    • Document control: library app acts as a central repository for all digital records
      • Powerful search function returns results based on title, content, or metadata matching keywords
      • Files sorted and categorized according to customizable metadata
      • Standardizes and centralizes information
    • Process automation: forms and workflows serve to save time performing daily operations
      • Weekly, employee-specific task lists
      • Automatically create template-based checklists for processes like due-diligence and compliance upon asset creation
      • Create additional sub-sites dedicated to large projects
    • Contact management: create and manage a list of contacts associated with properties
      • Complete contact profiles allow let businesses keep up with investors, vendors, customers, etc.
      • Track activities by updating contact profiles
      • Maintain records regarding client relationships
    • Report dashboard: design and store data-driven reports on properties
      • Reference data within REALTY|share or outside programs
      • Summarize information for management or investors to visualize data trends
    • Investor portal: gives investors, consultants, etc. varying levels of access to reports and records
      • Share reports like K1s and property updates to keep your investors in the loop
      • Administrators can manage user permissions at granular level
      • Provide relevant parties with insight into company operations

SharePoint’s potential for customization allows each of these applications to be adjusted so that they meet the needs of individual real estate companies that use it. That said, certain clients will need an intranet solution with especially specific capabilities to help them perform daily processes. Abel Solutions serves those companies by designing and implementing a fully-customized intranet solution. Because one of our SharePoint consultants must create each form, workflow, and webpage, from scratch, this option cannot be deployed as quickly as can a pre-configured solution like REALTY|share; it does, however, present an intranet tailor-made to suit a client’s needs.

Abel Solutions: The Intranet Experts

For over 20 years, Abel Solutions has been providing relief to our clients from their most persistent IT struggles. Our staff is passionate about delivering SharePoint-powered solutions designed to streamline their business operations and boost their efficiency. We also offer our clients supplementary IT services like network administration, helpdesk support, and data security. Abel Solutions created REALTY|share as a response to the real estate industry’s data organizational woes. Let us help your business centralize and standardize your information with our cloud-based real estate software so that it can be better utilized.

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