We believe that people-from our employees to our clients and partners-are the most valuable contributors to the success of our mission. We believe in treating everyone with respect and encourage open and candid feedback for the collective good.

Customer Service
Quality and excellence are paramount to our delivery of products and services. We respond promptly and equitably to client issues, concerns and needs, always keeping the evolving desires of our customers priority #1. To consistently meet customer needs in ever-changing markets, we place emphasis on staying abreast of the latest technology developments.

Ethical Conduct
Ethical conduct and trustworthy behavior are hallmarks of Abel Solutions. We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity in all our endeavors.

Abel Solutions values its employees for their talent, diversity and dedication to self-improvement. We strive to provide a fun and intellectually stimulating work environment that supports continuous learning and improvement and encourages resourceful thinking. We aspire for employees to enjoy true work-life balance and a higher standard of professional, personal and financial benefit at Abel Solutions than they would find elsewhere.

Teamwork is essential to producing quality results, exceeding client expectations and achieving a competitive advantage. Trust, camaraderie and mutual respect among the members of our teams motivates them to the highest levels of achievement.

SOAP Community Tour

Soap—Saving Lives, One Bar at a Time
When Derreck Kayongo first visited America, he had no idea how much soap the country’s hotels wasted. But as a former refugee from Uganda and the despotic rule of Idi Amin, he knew how precious soap was in other countries. Kayongo started the Global Soap Project, which turns used hotel soap into new bars that can be sent to low-income countries. Soap is the first line of defense against many illnesses, and children whose families can’t afford soap often die for lack of that simple substance.

Abel Solutions applauds Kayongo and the Global Soap Project and donated three computers to the initiative during its recent Soap Community Tour.