Sophocles said, “Those who seek shall find.” Unlike his quote, many companies have a great amount of various types of information captured from their organization in SharePoint, but unfortunately that information (or knowledge) cannot be easily retrieved right when users need it. If that information was readily available, then it could lead to better customer service, faster response times, shortened employee ramp-up times, and better leveraged intellectual capital for your organization.

Join us April 30th as we unveil innovative options on how to optimize and deliver your corporate information and knowledge.

During this webinar you will:

  • Rethink where knowledge lives by looking at Yammer posts and incorporating them into your search results,
  • Learn how to integrate web results from Bing into your SharePoint searches,
  • Increase discoverability by using search ranking and the Office Graph,
  • Acquire an easy way to manage promoted content and best bets, and
  • See examples of customized search pages for surfacing content.

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