Power Automate Flow

Best Practices for Production Flows

Over the years, Microsoft has introduced a number of features for ALM (administration & lifecycle management) for flows in Power Automate. These tips and best practices will help you more effectively manage your team flows. Use a production environment – The Preview region is a great place to try new features and hone your skills,…

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Microsoft Power Automate

Run a Flow When a SharePoint Column Is Modified

Power Automate and SharePoint can be combined to create numerous automation to match your business needs. A common request is to enable a way to trigger a flow when a column is modified on a SharePoint list or library. Microsoft has recently released a new trigger—”When an item or file is modified”; and a new…

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Microsoft Teams Power Automate

Trigger Flows from a Message in Microsoft Teams

When you put two power-house products together like Microsoft Teams and Power Automate, you can simplify how you and your team work. The latest way to leverage this integration is with the new “for a selected message” trigger in Power Automate, which enables any Teams user to create a custom message action to start a…

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Microsoft UI Flow Variables

Announcing Variable Support in UI Flows

Microsoft has now added variables to UI flows. This means you can add variables to perform multiple actions within your UI automation. You can use variables for data types such as integer, float, array, string, etc. For example, you can use a variable to count how many times an operation was performed in a loop. Or…

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Microsoft Power Automate and Teams

New Integration Between Microsoft Power Automate and Teams

Collaboration and automation tools have become a critical part of supporting how organizations move forward during this time. With this in mind, Microsoft is delivering new Power Automate features that are natively available within Microsoft Teams to help simplify how you and your teams work. These features include: Trigger a flow from any message in…

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Office 365 Groups Mail Connector for Power Automate

A key ask from the Power Automate community has been the ability to use triggers and actions off events and data within an Office 365 Group mailbox; for example, triggering a flow when a new email is received in a Group mailbox. This connector contains operations that work with a specified Group mailbox and unblocks…

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Driving Productivity Through Cloud Automation

As part of your investment in the cloud you may have already considered security, backups, and analytics, but have you considered how automation in the cloud can also benefit you? Automation is a broad topic with many avenues to explore and leverage. It is also one of the more important goals of your cloud journey.…

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Business Process Automation Pitfalls to Avoid

Automation Helps the Bottomline In the Digital Transformation era automation is crucial to an organization’s growth and success. To stay competitive today you must automate and streamline. However, there are many mistakes to avoid when tackling business process automation in your organization to ensure it is a successful and beneficial transition. Failing to Define an…

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