Ability to Appear Offline as New Presence Status in Microsoft Teams

Beginning in mid-October, Microsoft will be rolling out a new feature to Microsoft Teams, giving users the option to set their status to “Appear Offline”. This feature does not alter how the product works but helps users set expectations with their network that they are unlikely to respond right now. This rollout is expected to…

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Microsoft Teams Meeting Invitation

Microsoft Teams Meeting Invitation Formatting Update

The familiar Microsoft Teams Meeting join details sent out with every meeting invitation email is getting a formatting update with clearer language to help ensure a better join experience for meeting participants. Specifically, “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” will be replaced with “Click here to join the meeting”. Tenants that support calling into meetings via a…

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Adoption in the Cloud

Over the past three months we have been exploring the key concepts that drive value from cloud innovation – Secure, Analyze, and Automate.  In this Insight we will explore the final tenet to maximizing your investment in the cloud: Adopt. Leveraging cloud-based security, analytics, and automation is a great foundation for any business solution.  However,…

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