December 19, 2018

2018 Tips – A year (and a decade plus) in review

As the end of 2018 draws near, we at Abel Solutions are beginning to reflect.  You see, in February 2019, we’ll celebrate a significant milestone – 25 years of partnering with our customers to deliver innovative business solutions.  That’s a quarter-century…thriving and surviving in an industry that has evolved like very few others in the last 25 years.  We’re extremely proud, honored and humbled.

So, this month’s tip is not really a tip.  It’s more of a review of the tips from 2018 as well as a reminder of how we got here.

Sharing our knowledge

Almost 13 years ago, Kevin Abel and I were chatting, enjoying an adult beverage, and came up with the idea of writing and sending a monthly “tip” focused on SharePoint.  Keep in mind that 13 years ago SharePoint was not a name that was ubiquitous in the world of IT or in business in general as it is today.  In those days, we spent a great deal of our time helping our prospects and customers understand what SharePoint was and how its functionality could help them solve certain business problems.  We thought a monthly tip sharing our knowledge and findings would be a great way to educate others.

As we talked with more and more companies, I remember struggling to distill the message of SharePoint down to something that could be more easily explained.  Soon thereafter, we developed the concept of the “4 promises of SharePoint” – i.e., the four key business capabilities that SharePoint “promises” to facilitate if implemented well within an organization.  We created our “4 promises” graphic, which still today represents the core objectives that businesses seek to achieve with SharePoint and Office 365:

* Enable collaboration.

* Find and use knowledge and information.

* Streamline business processes.

* Manage business performance (insights into structured and unstructured data).

Figure 1. The 4 Promises of SharePoint

All our tips over the past decade plus can be mapped back to one or more of these four promises or key business capabilities.

Recap of 2018 Tips

As we close in on the 13th year of our monthly tips, there are over 5,500 subscribers with approximately 500 added in 2018. Topics cover much more than just SharePoint, including Office 365, industry-specific solutions, customization/integration, third-party solutions, business processes, etc.

Topics this year included:

Looking forward

Microsoft continues to innovate in their “collaboration and content” solution stack; therefore, there will be plenty of knowledge to gain and share. From broader topics such as SharePoint 2019 and effectively leveraging Teams to the pros and cons of Flow and PowerApps, we look forward to sharing our experience and recommendations based upon our hands-on consulting and implementation experience with these technologies and how we’re helping our customers solve business problems.

If you have suggestions for topics that you’d be interested in seeing, please send them my way. We appreciate your on-going interest in our content.

This tip written by Abel Solutions President, David Hammond.