Knowledge Management

In today’s wired world, information and knowledge are created and acquired constantly and oftentimes without structure. Organizations of all sizes struggle to bring order to the otherwise chaotic accumulation of information in email inboxes, local disk drives, shared file folders, departmental or organization-wide intranets, and other sources. Knowledge Management is an expensive solution for some, an elusive dream for many.

Wikipedia defines Knowledge Management as comprising “a range of practices used by organizations to identify, create, represent and distribute knowledge for reuse, awareness and learning.”

SharePoint allows organizations of all sizes to cost effectively implement the tools required to put such practices to practical use.

The Abel Solutions Knowledge Management Solution Accelerator™ enables organizations to collaborate on the creation of information and capture this knowledge in a way that allows others to find and use it in the future.

MOSS collaboration sites are used to initially create the knowledge documents. For a given business function, a site template is used and populated with site metadata. The documents created within the site automatically inherit the site metadata, reducing the responsibility of authors to do so. As an example, the Engineering Department would use a design site template for a given product or part. The metadata appropriate for the engineering drawings document library within this site would automatically populate from site metadata such as Product Name, Office, Project Number, etc. Other forms of knowledge created at the collaboration level could include HR policies and procedures, customer engagement deliverables, vendor contracts and more.

After the collaboration is complete, final versions of knowledge documents are moved to the Knowledge Management Center along with metadata and archival timing where they can be searched and retrieved at will. A Knowledge Management Archive is used to retain all old knowledge documents that should no longer remain in the Knowledge Management Center.

Components of the Abel Solutions Knowledge Management Solution Accelerator for SharePoint:

  • FastPortal™ Methodology for Delivery Process
  • Automatic Site Provisioning Utility
  • Application of Site Metadata
  • Metadata Integrated Search Results Display
  • Search Results Function Menu
  • Knowledge Rating System
  • Archival Workflow

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