Business Productivity Assessment

Thinking Beyond the Portal
SharePoint is a powerful platform that can form the basis for deep enterprise-level business solutions. Departmental functions and line of business segments can recognize significant productivity gains as a result of targeted implementations that leverage the SharePoint platform.

However, the broad capability of the platform and deep well of opportunities to address business needs can make it overwhelming for even the most savvy IT organization to effectively evaluate SharePoint’s compatibility for certain projects, let alone quickly assess the level of effort to get the job done.

BPA Chart

Strategic Assessment from a Business Productivity Perspective
Most medium and large organizations that have a maturing SharePoint deployment have already encountered the problem described above.

If your IT department is constantly facing requests for automation solutions that may or may not be great candidates for SharePoint, we can help.

Our proven Business Productivity Assessment is a high level discovery effort that shortens the typical evaluation period – by quickly addressing the question of how and why – then moves you rapidly towards delivering real business results.

Using our unique “4 Promises” perspective of SharePoint value, Abel Solutions consultants conduct interviews with stakeholders to rapidly assess current state and the unmet needs of the business.

The results of this compressed discovery session are then compiled into an Assessment Summary that is presented back to the stakeholders. This report includes:

  • Review of current state
  • Review of business needs
  • Recommended solution approach
  • Cost and timeline estimates

With this Assessment Summary in hand, the business stakeholders are armed with the information they need to make a decision about how to proceed.